FREE Morning Message - Telling Time

Hi! It's Michelle from Teach123.  This month I thought I would share a morning work idea. You can also set this up as a center.  Best of all, there is a FREE sample for you!

Have you ever noticed that when you are shopping online, you will get a popup that says something to the effect "if you like this, you might also like this".  Sometimes you can tell how they are related but other times, you wonder how the computer linked these two items together.  Companies would not do this, if it weren't successful.  So, obviously related topics  affect our spending habits.  So why not do it with your instruction? Take a lesson about telling time for example.
  • If you like to learn about tell time, you might like to learn about time zones.
  • If you like to learn about time zones, you might like to know how the rotation of the sun caused people to develop the time zones.
  • If you like studying time zones, you might like studying maps.
  • If you like studying the rotation of our planet and its effect, you might like to study cause and effect.
Does this sound like the book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?   One easy way to combine topics is through morning messages.  You can review language arts skills and learn about science, social studies, or math topics at the same time.  It is also a great way to start your day. I wrote about how I differentiated my morning messages.  Click HERE if you'd like to read about it. Would you like to try a morning message?  I made a free sample about time zones for you.
Click HERE to download this freebie.

Click HERE for picture source.
Did you ever watch the Mary Tyler Moore show?  I remember watching the show and being fascinated by all of the clocks in the newsroom.  

So, I made my own "newsroom" with clocks. This is something you can easily do in the classroom.  I found these clocks at Target.  You could also ask parents for donations.  I think seeing clocks set at different times in the classroom makes it more real for your students when you are teaching time.

One of my favorite things about becoming a blogger is the friends I have made.  Many of these friends live in different time zones so having these different clocks is very helpful when we collaborate.  You may have read some of the posts of the Bright Ideas linky that I write each month. Teachers from all over the world participate in this monthly linky. 

My friend, Fern - who lives in Florida- and I write a weekly post called Tuesday Teacher Tips. Since I live in California, this bicoastal collaboration takes some effort. We live in a global world! We enjoy writing these posts because we share tips plus a FREEBIE  Fern has a time themed freebie for you.

Have you ever had a pen pal?  It is a great way to learn about life in a different part of the country or world.  You can easily integrate time zones, map skills, and letter writing skills with pen pals for your students.  Click HERE to check out a site for teachers that will match you with another class.

Do you have a tip to share?

You are invited to pop over to my blog.  I love to share tips and free stuff.

Sources to make my blog post graphics can be found HERE. Click HERE to read my blog's disclosure statement.

February Videos to Use in Your Classroom

February is just around the corner and it's an unbelievably busy month for us elementary teachers. Many of us will celebrate our 100th Day, along with Valentine's Day, Black History Month, Dental Health, and President's Day.

One of my favorite ways to cover different teach points, when there are so many to cover, is using short videos or video clips.

Here are a few links for some of my favorite videos you can use in February:

President's Day:

A cool morphing video of all of our presidents {think Michael Jackson's Black or White video}. Your students will love it!

A video version of Duck for President

Dental Health:

Dudley Visits the Dentist is perfect for Dental Health. It's a cartoon, so it's definitely more appealing for the littles but my third graders sure didn't mind it when I shared it years ago!

Valentine's Day:

My favorite, favorite, favorite Valentine's Day book is Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. You can find it read online by Hector Elizando here.

I also have a resource to go with it, if you want to check it out here.

Black History Month:

There are so many important people and so many important events to cover for Black History education, that I don't really use videos. I like to dive into books and TpT resources, but here are a few short clips that I really liked:

This super-short video about Rosa Parks that really helps students relate to how important she was, and how the choices she made effected their lives in a very major way.

Another video in the same vain as the Rosa Parks video, covering many important figures. A great discussion starter.

I hope these videos will help you in your classroom in February! Good luck getting it all in :)



100 Words for 100 Days with freebie

Our 100th day of school is quickly approaching! Our 100th day will be next Monday unless weather intervenes. Our first grade classes make a whole day out of it but I've usually ignored it in 2nd grade. This year, I've decided to make it a bigger deal. A hundred days is an accomplishment and I plan on doing some different activities than I did when I taught 1st grade.

I found some great ideas from Cara Carroll of The First Grade Parade. Click here to check out her post. So far, I'm planning to have my kiddos stack 100 plastic cups, make a picture with 100 shapes, play a game with 100 cents, and do some sort of art project.

I'm also planning on having my kiddos write 100 words. I wanted to give them a little more guidance on this and throw in a bit of grammar practice too so I made a booklet for them to use.
You can download this freebie from my Facebook page. Click on any of the images to head to my page. You have to be a fan to download.


Multiplication Duo - A Card Game!

Hey all! It's Jessica from The Teacher Talk! I'm dropping by today to share a game I can up with (may already exist) this week to practice our multiplication facts in a fun way. I am all about learning through play... yes, even in the third grade. So, my mind is always racing with different games that the kids could play to practice their math facts-normally the ideas come to me in the classroom.

I have a few I've come up with and will be sharing them on my blog later, but I wanted to share the most recent one with you here! It's called Multiplication Duo - Kid named and approved!

It's super easy to play and the kids 'get it' really fast! I started out teaching it to one group (off the top of my head) while all other students were doing other fact fluency games and then... one by one-more students kept joining in the on the fun and it broke out into a mini-lesson on Multiplication Duo! It's so much fun! You have to try it!

You will want to pick out numbers 1-10 in 2 sets of card decks - then, combine them.
When playing each student gets 10 cards for themselves and they can't show anyone.
After they each have their 10 cards, they take the remaining cards and put them in a pile in the center of themselves.
One card from the pile is flipped over and students look at their hand to find a factor to multiply that number by. Whoever gets the largest product wins that round and collects all their cards to keep as 'their points.' 
I told students to give each other time to think about which card they wanted to lay down and then the person who flipped the card counts: 1, 2, 3... duo! Then, the students lay down all of their cards at once so there isn't any cheating. ;)

Here is a little direction sheet for you to print off and stick at your own fact fluency station or to include for early finisher work! 

Click here or on the picture to grab this directions page!!

Thanks for taking time to learn this fun new game! Like I said, I will have many more games on my blog super soon! Be sure to visit!


Free Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Color for Fun Freebie!
Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies!
This week during my Terrific Tuesday Teacher Tips I posted a FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Color For Fun packet as well as some tips and tricks to use in your classroom. With most people off next Monday, you can head over to my blog and grab it to use when you return on Tuesday for your Reading Block or Social Studies Lessons.  
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Color for Fun with Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies!
If you need something for a little more of a lesson, I have this resource, {MLK} Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing and Social Studies Center too!
Also included in this resource's preview is a free printable for writing about your students' own dreams!
For more ideas, click on the picture below to go to my Martin Luther King, Jr. Teaching Resources and Ideas Pinterest Board.
I would ♥love it if you would like to follow it too!
I'm Fern from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas, stop by my blog anytime for tips, tricks, resources and freebies for your classroom!
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ChatterPix {Quick & Easy Technology Integration}

I just wanted to pop by and show you my new favorite app!  It's one that could easily be used with only one ipad in the classroom and it definitely works as a motivator for the kids!

It's called ChatterPix Kids and it's FREE!

Basically, it gives a voice to pictures! Take a look below to see some of the fun ways we're using it in our classroom!

Biography Snippets {Reading}

Animal Fun Facts {Science}

Persuasive Writing

Is your brain turning yet??  How would YOU use this app in your classroom?  What pictures would your students want to bring to life to talk?

If you want to see a step-by-step post on how to use this app (it's super easy!), click here.


Math Management Tip - Keeping Kids Engaged & Learning!

Hi Owl friends!  It's Dana from Prepping for the Primary Gridiron (and 3rd Grade Gridiron).  I hope all of you had a relaxing winter break and a fabulous New Year's!  

And a HUGE thank you for all who entered our giveaways a few days ago!  What a fun way to start the new year!

I wanted to share something that I use with my kiddos during Guided Math.  It's something that I just learned about last summer.  As soon as I heard about it, I knew it would be perfect for my early finishers!

It's Math Menu!

Am I the only one that had never heard of this?!

If you're new to Math Menu, it's pretty easy.  When my kids finish their specific assignments during Guided Math, they go straight to Math Menu.  They are allowed to pick any game from the list.  Each game is something we've discussed and I've modeled.  They also help review some critical concepts in a very fun, hands-on way!

Here's a look at the games included in our Math Menu:

1.  Race to 100

Each player starts at 1.  You take turns rolling the dice and moving your chip.  The first player to 100 WINS!  You could also use a 120 chart.

2.  Race to 1

You guessed it.  :)  It's the the opposite of Race to 100.

3.  Ten Frame War

It's played just like War, but with our Ten Frame cards that came with our new math manipulative set.  

4.  120 Chart Puzzles

These are super easy to make!  Print out a 120 (or 100) chart, cut it apart, and then laminate it.  The kids can use a completed 100 or 120 chart if needed to put the puzzles together.

5.  Bump!

My kids LOVE these Bump games from Denise!  They're two player games that can cover either addition or multiplication.  I know - PERFECT!

My kids love Math Menu!  I'm hoping it can be a fun and engaging way for your kiddos to practice their math skills and stay focused during Guided Math!


MLK, Jr. Poetry FREEBIE!

Hey there! It's Nicole from Teaching With Style!

I just LOVE using poetry in the classroom! 
Each year, I make poetry books for my students and we add to them each week.  {Check out this post to see how I make them and a freebie!}  Poetry is an awesome low-pressure way for students to gain familiarity with using academic language.  

The poems that we add to our books always have little blank boxes at the bottom.  So do all the poems I make for my products I sell on TpT.  Why, you ask? It's a GLAD strategy that works so amazingly well for ELL students! When they sketch or write in the box, it helps them process and remember the vocabulary and content.  

Today, I made you a poem freebie about Martin Luther King, Jr.  I used to use this poem with my first grade team when I taught back in Oregon.  Here is our routine for teaching weekly poems:

  • Write the poem on chart paper and introduce whole group, on the carpet.  
  • First, read the poem in entirety to the students.
  • Then, have the students echo you, line-by-line.
  • Then, practice reading the poem altogether and in pairs.
  • Write the poem on two sets of sentence strips for a pocket chart center.  Cut up one set of the sentence strips word-by-word.  The students practice reading the poem, then they match the words to the full poem in the pocket chart.
  • Last, pass out the paper version of the poem.  Have students sketch what they learned and highlight important words in the poem.  Glue the poems in their poetry books.  
Are you ready to try this out? Grab this poem and get started! 

Click either picture above to download from my Google Drive!

Happy reading! :)

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