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Hi Owl friends!  It's Dana from Prepping for the Primary Gridiron (and 3rd Grade Gridiron).  I hope all of you had a relaxing winter break and a fabulous New Year's!  

And a HUGE thank you for all who entered our giveaways a few days ago!  What a fun way to start the new year!

I wanted to share something that I use with my kiddos during Guided Math.  It's something that I just learned about last summer.  As soon as I heard about it, I knew it would be perfect for my early finishers!

It's Math Menu!

Am I the only one that had never heard of this?!

If you're new to Math Menu, it's pretty easy.  When my kids finish their specific assignments during Guided Math, they go straight to Math Menu.  They are allowed to pick any game from the list.  Each game is something we've discussed and I've modeled.  They also help review some critical concepts in a very fun, hands-on way!

Here's a look at the games included in our Math Menu:

1.  Race to 100

Each player starts at 1.  You take turns rolling the dice and moving your chip.  The first player to 100 WINS!  You could also use a 120 chart.

2.  Race to 1

You guessed it.  :)  It's the the opposite of Race to 100.

3.  Ten Frame War

It's played just like War, but with our Ten Frame cards that came with our new math manipulative set.  

4.  120 Chart Puzzles

These are super easy to make!  Print out a 120 (or 100) chart, cut it apart, and then laminate it.  The kids can use a completed 100 or 120 chart if needed to put the puzzles together.

5.  Bump!

My kids LOVE these Bump games from Denise!  They're two player games that can cover either addition or multiplication.  I know - PERFECT!

My kids love Math Menu!  I'm hoping it can be a fun and engaging way for your kiddos to practice their math skills and stay focused during Guided Math!

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