Gladys {Teaching in High Heels}

Hi everyone!
My name is Gladys and I'm the teacher author behind the blog Teaching in High Heels.
I'm so excited to be here collaborating with these fantastic ladies!
I mean have y'all seen our stellar authors?
Seriously y'all! I'm starstruck!!
This group of ladies are top notch educators..and their blogs are some of the best in the business!
So proud to be among them. Really. I'm here to introduce myself..and to let 'ya know a little bit about me.
So here it goes...
I'm wife to a most wonderful man, mommy to 4 amazing children, and teacher to some of the most terrific kids on the planet! ;)
I'm a bookworm, a coffee junkie, a social media addict, and a wannabe runner.
I'm a pick-up drivin', high heel wearin', lip gloss lovin' kind of girl. 
I love reading, imagination, creativity, and the wonderful world of teaching.
I'm in love with the blogging world..and these past 3 years have been a true adventure.
I have met and become friends with some of the most amazing and kind hearted teachers in the country..and that makes my heart happy. It's definitely been a joyful ride!
So now that you know a little more about me..I'm going to leave you with a cute 'lil b2s's an exclusive freebie that you will only be able to find here on..Owl-Ways Be Inspired.
wait for it...
wait for it...
it's my first product geared towards my new 3rd grade bunch!
So excited about it!!
I hope you like it as much as I do!
For the next 3 weeks all of the authors will make their appearance on the blog and offer you an exclusive really won't want to miss sure you stop by every day.
I would also LOVE for you to visit my 'lil blog..and learn more about my adventures in the classroom. So stop by whenever you get a chance. ;)
Until next time...toodles!


  1. Looks like a great new blog! I teach 1/2 graders in a dual grade classroom in a really small school. Love to be following and follow your other blog too:)

  2. I am so excited about all of these freebies, as well as the fabulous resources that will be on this new blog! You all are definitely some of my favorite bloggers -- I teach 2nd grade and love that I can now find some of my favorite teacher bloggers in one place!!

    That's So Second Grade!

  3. I'm already in love with this new blog mashup. :) Thank you for the freebie!

    1. You're very welcome! I'm in love too! ;)

  4. Thank you so much Gladys! I loved learning more about you and found out we have a lot in common! I love your blog and this one seems like it will be just as awesome!


  5. Thank you for the wonderful freebie. I love your blog and this new blog. I am looking forward to all of the wonderful ideas you will be sharing.

  6. I love this new blog and am looking forward to hearing from each of these talented teachers about their adventures!

  7. It is looking great in here!!! Don't forget to register for the giveaway!


  8. Thanks for the cute freebie! You sound like a very busy lady! I'm your newest follower. Thanks again, Beth from

  9. I am SO excited for this blog...I am a blog-fanatic, but I really feel the education blogs are heavy on the K-1 side--and even though I read them, they are not always applicable! Thanks SO much for bringing us these awesome 2-3 blogs! Deanna from

  10. Can this blog be followed by e-mail? Thanks!

  11. Never mind, it just showed up (to follow by e-mail) for the first time! Thanks.

  12. I LOVE it!! You are so cute!

  13. Thank you! I am so excited to use this site for my 2/3 blend class this year.

  14. I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favorite blogs to follow!! Thanks for the excellent freebie!

  15. Thank you so much!

    I clicked on each author a made new tabs so could I follow everyone's blogs (for the contest!) and I was up until 1 last night looking at everyone's pages! Wow!!! I am so happy I found this blog!

    Bitty Bilinguals

  16. Thanks so much for this freebie! I am excited for this new blog.


  17. Thanks Gladys! You've always been one of my fave teacher bloggers! :)

  18. This freebie is amazing, it is a terrific, high-interest activity for the first week!
    Thank you,
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  19. Very excited about this new blog!!

  20. Stellar authors is right! You guys are the best of the best!

    24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

  21. I have been a 2nd/3rd grade looping teacher for many years. I start teaching only 3rd this fall because of budget cuts. (Sniffle...) I love seeing how they mature. It is amazing to watch them grow in responsibility and confidence. Maybe all grades are that way, but I really see it in grade 3. :)

  22. Wow, I am so excited to see all the resources because I just moved up from K to 3 and loved everything I I have the same for 3rd! Thank you.

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