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Hello everyone!  I am Jenn from Charts N Chit Chat:  Best Practices 4 Teaching!  I think this is an awesome idea and LOVE this blog.  I spend time reading it just like you do!

A little about me...I am a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt, cousin, and last but not least, a second grade teacher.  I am a southern girl--I like my pinto beans, cornbread, and grits <NO SUGAR!!--us southerners eat our grits with some salt and maybe some cheese!>.  I am married with 2 wonderful kids and my oldest is about to start middle school.  If I live through it.  HA!  If she lives through it!!

I spend a lot of my time reading professional books and collecting children's books.  I am always on the hunt for new strategies and new ideas to use in my classroom, so come on by my blog and drop me a comment if you have a new professional book or strategy that you have found.  I'd love to hear about it!

Now, for my freebie.  I had a blast making this for you all and I hope you enjoy it.  I originally made it to use as a rainy day recess game, but after attending Common Core training this past week I am looking at it with fresh eyes!  This new 'hangman' game lends itself to help with vocabulary development which is so important.  Enjoy it!

Along with this freebie, I want to share a favorite book of mine that I am reading right now.  If you want to find out more about it, just click on the cover of the book!

It has a phonics screener which I found out during Common Core training is SO IMPORTANT!  The theory behind this is that a student must be able to read a word before they can spell it.  The screener shows you which stage the student reads at (VCV words, VCVe words, etc) so that it is easier to differentiate spelling lists.  If you want to learn how to differentiate spelling lists, you can check out the book below! Words Their Way will help you figure out which stage the student is at in spelling!  Lots to do now to keep our kids moving!

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Thanks for coming by!  We love our readers!!


  1. Anyone else having trouble going to Jenn's page? It is blank when I try it.

    1. Nothing happens when i click the just stays on this page :(

  2. i love the hangman freebie...thanks so much...the kids will enjoy it very much

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