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Happy Sunday Bloggy World!  
Hi!  I am Tracy and I am the blogger behind 
Creekside Teacher Tales.  

I feel so blessed to be included in this extraordinary group of bloggers.  I still consider myself a blogging baby, coming up on my year anniversary very soon.  
Let me tell you a little about myself for those of you who don’t know me.  
This year will be my 3rd year teaching.  
I will be tenured after this year :) 
I went to undergrad for a degree in behavioral sciences/psychology.  I dibbled in that and tried out some finance.  But kids were missing from my life.  I had always worked at summer camps, babysat, taught dance classes, etc.  So, I went back to get my master's in teaching.  I was hired at one of my internship schools.  Thank goodness!! 

The name Creekside Teacher Tales stemmed from 
where I live... 

Born, raised, & still reside here.  How could I ever leave? 
My family, friends, & puppy dog are the most important things in my life! 

I am a... 
Ravens' fan, 
lover of pups,
bracelet stacker,
seafood obsessed, 
volleyball vixen,
creative crafter,
kitchen crazy, 
night owl, 
Law & Order wannabe,
curly haired,
creative juices overflowing teacher in Maryland! 

Now, there have been some AMAZING freebies here from the other ladies.  I hope you can enjoy mine as much as them!  

My exclusive freebie is an Interactive Book Recommendation Board for your classroom! 

This pack is just what you need to set up an interactive book recommendation board.  Print out the three sheet poster.  (I recommend laminated it.)  It can go along the top of the board.  
Then, print out the feelings cards and display them as well.  Check out the recommendation sheet options.  I included response sheets for how the books made the students feel, whether or not they’d recommend the book, and making connections.  Choose what works for your kids.  Print out a bunch and place in a basket by the board.

Here are the response cards on feelings:

Click on any of the pictures above to download! 
Thanks for stopping by our new blog!

Don't forget to visit my blog, Creekside Teacher Tales, where you can find tons of resources, freebies, and ideas for your classroom!


  1. I am in love with the interactive book recommendations! I can't wait to use them with my students. Thank you so much for sharing. By the way, our dogs look like they were separated at birth.


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  2. LOVE your blogpost!! I'm a night owl and bracelet stacker too!! ;)

  3. I love that picture of you Tracy! SO prudy! I was needing this board, too!

  4. I love this! It's printed and laminated and ready to go! Thank you!

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful freebie! It's GREAT!!

  6. Thank you for a great resource!

  7. Loved reading your post and will be following you on Bloglovin' as well. This is a great freebie and I look forward to displaying it in my classroom for my students to use this year. thank you very much!

  8. Thank you for the freebie! I can't wait to use it

  9. I don't have a free bulletin board, but I have a free white board. I'm excited about converting it into a book recommendation bulletin board now! :D Cute graphics!

  10. This packet is amazing. Thank you, THANK YOU for an awesome resource!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  11. Okay a couple of things:
    1. This blog is incredible and I am finding so many useful resources... LOVE
    2. This interactive book recommendation board it Cuuuute cute cute and perfect for my room... Thank you
    3. Thank you for putting the "follow on blog lovin' " button here instead of having me go to your blog. Sounds silly but I have a newborn baby sitting next to me snoozing so stalking all my faves doesn't happen quite as often :)

    Thanks, again!!


  12. WOWzers! Thanks so much...this has been downloaded and will be printed/laminated asap. I really appreciate time and effort that you put into your work and the generosity of sharing it. I am your newest follower on your blog (which I <3 ), as well.

  13. I love this. Thank you. The kids are going to love using this all year!!!!!!!!!

    Lisa Sims

  14. Love this freebie! Thank you so much..all I need to do is laminate.


  15. Thank you for new ideas! I'll try to use some of them!

  16. WOW!!! I just found this on pinterest and I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thank you for sharing information. I like it.
    Friv 1

  18. I am glad I have your skills demonstrated here. I wish I can develop a class just as you have done at least for my school in Ghana. Thanks so much for the Freebie.
    Please send some printable samples to my E-mail:
    Thank you.

    Papa Israel


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