Sorting/Solving Equations with Multiplication Properties

The different properties of multiplication (commutative, associative, and distributive) can be so annoying and frustrating for kids.  Trying to keep it all straight can be super tricky.  Commutative seems to come the easiest.  But the other throw the kids a curve ball.

Here's one trick I used with my kids for the associative property - "It doesn't matter who the numbers associate with."

This really helped the kids remember that the parentheses didn't change the answer.  So hopefully that little tip will help your kids.  :)

I also created an activity that will help the kids not only practice using the properties, but also put to use their multiplication skills.  It also has a cute fall theme!

The kids will sort the equation cards according to which property they display.  Then the kids will solve each equation.  Both of these answers will be written on the recording sheet.  I've also included an answer key for you.  :)

Click the picture above to snag it for free from my TpT shop.  I've also listed it in my TN shop.  I hope this activity helps your students and they have fun with at the same time!  And feel free to share this with your colleagues - work smarter, not harder!

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