Fun Writing Friday

Hey everyone!

Now that I've settled into my school routine, things are a little less stressful and I can just go with the flow. My school has us use Lucy Calkins' writing series. I stick to it pretty much since it is mandated, but sometimes, I have to deviate. Especially after my kids did a math graphing activity and writing and reading got few votes. I knew that I had to do something.

I now have fun writing Friday every other week in my class and they love it! I allow them to write collaborative stories or write letters to someone. They are actually looking forward to it and not dreading writing as much. But they're still getting those skills!  I love reading their letters to each other, a lot of them are such bucket fillers!

I have a writing center with different papers to choose from. Some kids cash in their tickets to "buy" special paper and use gel pens.

What do you do for writing in your class? How do you make writing fun?

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