Crazy About Caldecotts?

If you have been on my blog some you already know that I am ADDICTED to children's books!!  They are everywhere at my house and my kids are notorious for sneaking my precious books out of my classroom to take them home and read.  So periodically, I have to go through the house and gather them up and take them back to school.  So, when I hear about some really good books and find lesson plans to go with them I am all about it!  If you want to purchase these books or read more about them, all you have to do is click on the picture and wallah!  You will be at Amazon.  Enjoy!


Wordless picture book genre!  Have your kids 'rewrite' the story with shared writing or post it notes!!  In this book Daisy is thrilled because a little girl gives her a new ball to play with.   Teach CAUSE AND EFFECT with this book while using this lesson plan!

Ever been in a blackout?  All of the lights are out because, yes you guessed it, the power went out.  Can you see a link to electricity here?  A family turns to the stars for light and a whole city plays outside by starlight.  Use this lesson plan to teach poetry <specifically Haikus>!

The illustrations in this book are done in black, white, and orange and it involves a little rabbit stalking by some creepy carrots.  Yep.  Wacky, I know, but it is recommended for use at Halloween and is pretty funny.  You can go here to watch a video about the book and grab some discussion questions.

Do you like the color green?  This book is great for the Pre-K and Kinder classrooms that teach colors.  The artwork in this book is incredible, as Laura Vaccaro is an artist and illustrator of many books.  You can go here to read more about the author and the book.

This book is great for teaching PREDICTIONS!  This site also provides a printable that can be used with the book.  The book is also great to use when teaching VOCABULARY and we all need to do that!

This book is recommended when teaching DIALOGUE.  It is about a little girl that can't go to sleep and wants to know how other animals get ready to go to sleep.  

This is a great book to use to teach METAPHORS and REFRAINS.  Here is some good information for teaching with this book.

Here are some great activities for teaching with this book.  This book is recommended for use in PENGUIN units. Here is a lesson plan for the book that relates 6 Traits skills like sentence fluency, conventions, word choice, etc.

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