A Quick Mother's Day Recap

This year, I did NOT plan ahead for Mother's Day.  Had I planned ahead, I probably would have done this craftivity that I created a few years ago.  If you want to download it for free, click the image below to head to my blog.

Instead, Thursday morning, on my way to the store to buy items for our potluck lunch I decided to look for ingredients to create a facial scrub that we could use as gifts.  
I was pleased with how easy it was.  I set everything up at a table.  While students were working, I called them up 3 at a time to start working.

I added about 1 1/2 cups of sugar to the container.  I'll be honest.  I did not measure.  I used the line on the container to guessstimate.  I only brought one measuring cup and I knew it was going to get oily.

I started to have students pour and measure their own oil, but I quickly realized that was a silly idea because that was a BIG bottle of oil, their hands are little, and they aren't well versed at measuring.  You can tell by the table that after one round of that, I realized it wasn't the best idea.  So, instead, they held the cup while I poured, and then they dumped it in.

And stirred.  And stirred some more.

And stirred some more.  Really, this gave me time to help others get started, and helped me eyeball if they needed more sugar or oil.  They all kept saying "EW!  This smells!"  Or, "It looks like applesauce.  My mom will wash with this?!??" :)

Then, we added the vanilla extract.  I used imitation vanilla, and, again, didn't measure.  I also, again, realized I shouldn't let the kids pour. :)

The kids cut and glued their own labels.  They went nicely with our "I love you because" writing that I threw together.

This little cutie asked if she could write her letter in Spanish.  I think I like it more because it's in Spanish. :)

I told the kids they could decorate their page as they wished and they could write whatever they wished.  These are truly heartfelt, and non-edited.  It also was a super easy morning work activity.

If you'd like to download the labels or the writing page, just click the image below.


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