Hands-On Fun Can Be Simple

Hey everyone!

I really have enjoyed teaching this Oregon Trail unit because I can do so much hands-on stuff. My favorite memories of school were when we did hands-on things and it helped make learning the topic that much more concrete for me.

It can be simple things too! We learned about games the pioneers played, like Cat's cradle. All you need is yarn. I love that they're sitting in the 'wagon' that was taped off for real-life measurements. Also, the student with the pink hood was teaching small groups how to play. So simple and fun!

This picture cracks me up! Research and yarn...learning the pattern and process for making a yarn doll using the internet for help. 

We also made butter the next week after we compared chores from the past to the present. 

After a lot of shaking for 20 minutes by all wagon groups, butter! Again, something simple as a jar and whipping cream, but I know they'll remember this!

I go more in depth on my blog if you want more info! 

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