Using an ABC Line (freebie)

Hi everyone! It's Angelia from Extra Special Teaching with a quick tip that might help some of your struggling learners.

Do you have students that ALWAYS forgot to capitalize the first letter of a sentence? Or students that have a hard time coming up with the uppercase or lowercase version of a letter (even though they do know all their letters)? Or students that have a hard time with ABC order?

I have students that struggle with all these things, so I made some ABC lines. I keep these in my small group area and pull them out whenever I see students struggling.

These ABC lines seem to be just what my students need to remind themselves of the correct letter they need when writing. It's also been very helpful with ABC order. If they can help your students, you can download it by clicking {here}.


  1. Thank you for the alphabet line! My students could really benefit from using this as a model whenever they need to write letters!

  2. This is great and just the type of thing I was looking for. Thanks so much!


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