Self-Adhesive Labels: Stick to Making Life Easier

Hey everyone!

I'm sure most of you have seen the Target self-adhesive labels. I couldn't get any (boo!), but I found some on Amazon that fit business card size labels or cards. I know it's not the same as Target, not the same price etc, but I am really excited to use them.

This is what the pack looks like. 

Here are some of my labels. These will be labels on the students' book boxes. I'm making a second set to go on their mailboxes. This is the first year I'm using numbers instead of names and I think it'll save me lots of time and frustration on things. 

I wasn't sure of the size and I'm happy to see I can make them even larger if I want. 

I think any that I have left I'll put on my book tubs. 

I love the ease of these pockets!

Do you use adhesive pockets? How do you use yours? Share below!

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