Gettin' Gingy With It, Classroom Kindness & Freebies Galore!

Happy holidays, teacher friends!  
It's Linda from Around the Kampfire with some
easy, last minute ideas for that crazy week before the break!

Here's a peek at some of the things I do in my classroom....

Every year we do Secret Santa of Kind Words.  
It warms my heart so much to watch my kiddos
read the kind words their Secret Santa wrote to them!

These would be fun to attach to any parent gifts your students make!

Have a holiday book exchange!

If you follow my home blog you know that 
I *LOVE* all things gingerbread! I still have lots of assessing left to 
do in between all of our holiday events so I'll be using some of
these fun little activities to keep my kiddos engaged and learning!
Just click on the pictures to grab your freebies!

You can find LOTS more gingerbread ideas and activities 
on my home blog {HERE}  {HERE} and yes, {HERE}!!

These gingerbread story problem pop-up cards are super simple 
for kiddos to make! Simply reduce the gingerbread man template
from Read! Read! As Much As You Can, fold paper in half,
make two cuts and pop out the box! Students write story problems 
then illustrate them!

I love the first one!  That dang dog!

I hope this makes your last week a little less crazy!  

Head over to Around the Kampfire to see all of our
gingerbread fun & find more FREEBIES! 

Happiest holidays to you and yours!


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  2. Thanks, Fern! I hope you found something you can use!

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