Class Dojo {a tutorial} and a {freebie}

Hey y'all! It's Rahel from the tattooed teacher! I have to tell you AGAIN how much I love class dojo!
ok, have you heard of Class Dojo and just didn’t feel up to it? Dive on in! The water is fine! I heard about the online management tool last year from a fellow teach who thought it would be up my alley. I was reluctant. I liked my card flipping. I didn’t do it.
Then my second grader did it in his classroom last year and basically guilted me into it! I think my teammate may have had something to do with it!
But I love it now and even thought I might do the clip chart thing because they are cute, but let's face it. I don't need cute! 
The number one feature that got me was the parent reports. Ugh. Can I tell you I hate writing behavior reports in our Thursday folders! I have just slopped something down since I write anything major in the daily planners. Just a waste of my time.
Here’s a little rundown for you. I am sorry it’s not a catchy, appealing video tutorial. I still am not sure where CamStudio saves my stuff…
sign up
it's free!

here’s my class

Now for the management during class. Little Jake grabs his book box and gets to reading at his own little spot right away. I need to let him know I noticed because the rest of the kiddos are still roaming around.

not that it would ever happen, but if little Jake wasn't following directions, I’d just go to negative instead.
and here’s what’s on my tv screen. DING is the positive sound. Enter the Pavlov dog experiment period. Seriously, everyone is on task now and I never said a word. My fear with this was that I want kids to physically go and MOVE something positive or negative. That’s why I like clip charts and flipping. But I can still get that! I can have kids award positives for themselves, or negatives. They just go and click the mouse instead. Today was day 25 and they are now doing this, except during small groups when I do it from the iPad.
Now for the reports. I use 2 at the moment. First is the class report I share daily with students. If we beat the number of positives from the previous day, we earn a paw. {our mascot is a bear cub-We are a PBIS school and we have to hand these out schoolwide for good behaviors}

but I can also print individual reports to parents that do not have Internet access...and the website sends an automatic report every Friday afternoon for me!!!! yay!! I can add daily notes too if I want and I can send a report any time I need to.

But the BEST feature BY FAR is using my iPhone or iPad as a remote! Holy smokes!

the first day I used it I was in the hallway as they were unpacking. Suddenly they hear the dreaded DONG on the negative…all eyes are sweeping the room. How’d she do that??? I shared that my phone is right here with me all day, I can award from the restroom, cafeteria, lab, hall, anywhere! If I’m in the room, they see it on the screen, if we are out of the room, they notice their totals. They are very focused on these.
last year it was more quirky and I had to be using Internet Explorer, but now I use Chrome and it still works just fine. DING!
Here’s what it looks like
note: this is the picture I used last year in my tutorial, so the app looks different now. Much more user friendly. I'm too lazy to redo all the pictures!

Why? Every other Friday, they buy coupons with their points.
Our first store is tomorrow. Points will be cleared and spent. I am using Christie’s prize pass catalog because they are not tangible items I have to buy and they love them. We added a few specific things, too. Nothing is over 10 points or under 10 points. They are all 10 points. I reset all points to zero every Monday morning.
And my parents love it too. They can {and do} go online anytime and see what’s up. I have 16 out of 23 parents signed up for accounts. 
well, I hope I have at least convinced you to visit the site, or even give it a try! And I am still using wbt rules and other features. I normally stop using scoreboard in September anyhow.

Happy managing!!

After posting this I got lots of questions from other teachers. I answered these in this post
I also updated my freebie weekly awards!
I love these! I added one of the little avatars to the last award!


Three Tiny Tips

Hey, hey!  It’s Megan from I Teach. What’s Your Super Power?  Sometimes, you need big picture management ideas.  Sometimes you just need a tiny tweak to make like a little simpler.  I’m not blowing your mind today, but here are three little management tools to make your classroom life a little smoother.

1.  Yep.  Those are dots.
I worked in a room recently where the teacher had these on the desks.  Loved this idea!  Tired of calling kids or tables or whatever?  How about: green dots-get the papers for your tables.  Or pink dots find a pink dot partner.  Or yellow dots collect the recycling from your table.  You get the idea.

2.  Where the heck are those kids?
Here’s my solution.  Because you DO NOT want to be the teacher standing at the fire drill that left a kid in the bathroom.   This also solves the “I thought you said I could go to the bathroom” kids too. You know, the ones that ask you telepathically and take you blinking as a yes.

Here’s a picture of my restroom chart:
Anybody can go to the bathroom whenever they want unless I’m teaching.  The catch? Those squares are only big enough for one magnet.  So, only one boy and girl at a time.  I can see what number is not covered and know instantly who is missing.

Awwww, you like my sign?  You can purchase an editable one for $2 in my TPT store.

3.  Count to 10.
Or 20 or 100 or 50.  But give kids an ending time.  I love to see their faces when I say they have to be cleaned up by the time I count to 50.  And then I start counting by 5’s.  This also reinforces number patterns, so it’s a win-win.

Hope you find these tiny tips helpful.  They’re no Class Dojos or coupon systems or classroom economies or whatever.  Sometimes you just need simple solutions for simple problems.

Getting your Classroom Management Mojo

Hi! I'm Courtney from Swimming into Second.

I'm joining you today to bring you some classroom management ideas. I don't know about you but classroom management is always an area that I am constantly tweaking. 

This year, I started teaching using the Whole Brain Teaching method. I absolutely love this! I am still trying to implement some of the ideas but the classroom rules are amazing. My kiddos learned them so well and were singing the rules to the entire school. 

I found a great video of the rules that I used to help me the first few weeks of school.

She seems so amazing!

I am all about giving students responsibilities in second grade. Each student has a job in my classroom. In order to get a job, he or she has to apply.  I use a job application from Amanda Nickerson's Economics unit each month. I love it because it makes them explain why they deserve the job that they are applying for and they usually have some pretty funny responses.

Click on the image to view her blog post.

I have my jobs posted in my classroom and I only change them at the beginning of the month. I just can't remember to change them every week and I don't really feel like there's a need.

 Here's my job board before I hung it up. I used small sticky pockets from Michaels for the students' names. This makes it so easy to change out the names.

I have the job titles as a fan freebie on my Facebook page. Click here or on the picture above to get a copy. Remember that you must be a fan first.

Another thing that has made my life so much easier this year is my Morning Routine printables and my Dismissal Routine printables. I feel like when the morning starts rough, it makes your whole day go down hill. These really help the kids know exactly what to do and leaves you time to handle things like attendance, homework, folders, and all those morning tasks.

The Dismissal Routines help dismissal go much smoother and keeps the kids more on track. I feel like they move much faster when they don't have to always ask what comes next. This leaves me a little extra teaching time that I used to spend on getting ready to go home.

You can find both of these printables in my TPT store.

What's your top classroom management tip? I would love to read your comments on this.
Have a fabulous weekend!
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Classroom Management with 2nd Grade Stuff {FREEBIES}

Hey friends!  It's Jamie from 2nd Grade Stuff stopping by today!

I am sharing some information about my Classroom Management techniques.  There are some FREEBIES included from some other fabulous sellers too!

First, I use the trusty clip chart system in my classroom.  I love that this includes both positive and negative reinforcement of behaviors.  It also allows for the students to "make up" for some bad choices by moving back up the chart if they correct their behavior.  You can see an example of the clip chart below.  This is NOT created by me.  It is a FREEBIE offered from Primary Punch.  You can find it for download {HERE}.  Please leave feedback if you download.  She's a super sweet seller.

I paired this behavior management technique with another sweet seller's behavior calendars - also a FREEBIE!  The behavior calendars I use are from A Cupcake for the Teacher and can be downloaded {HERE} for FREE.  The behavior calendars last for an entire month!  Talk about saving paper!  If the students stay on Ready to Learn, they receive ONE sticker on their calendar.  If they move up to Good Choices, they receive TWO stickers and so on.  If the students happen to move down and stay down for the remainder of the day, I then document the students' bad choice(s) using the code(s) on the calendar.  I love this system and so do the parents!  It gets sent home each and every day for the parents to initial and return.  They love the daily communication.

My other FAVORITE way of managing student behavior while at centers or on the go (in the hallways, restrooms, lunch line, etc.) is to use Class Dojo.  I have been using this system for a couple years and fell in love!  First, you create your account for FREE at  Next you add your students and add some custom positives and negatives if you prefer.  Because I teach at a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) school, we prefer to focus on the positive!  After you have done those two things, you can start rewarding points from .... get this.... your iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptop, computer, wherever!  It will instantly pop up the alert on the computer screen showing the point awarded along with who received the point and why.  It's amazing what this will do for your classroom.

During our ELA block, when we are working in centers, I use it at my small-group table.  I have the Class Dojo screen open on my ActivBoard for the class to see.  While I'm working with a small group, I am able to award points for good behavior in centers from my iPad or iPhone and it will pop up an audible noise (if wanted) and the student's name with the point!  You should hear the students when a point is awarded - instant silence and focus on the task!  They ALL want those points!  

I also use this in the hallways, at restroom breaks, and during transitions.  The cool thing is, I award the points on the iPad in the hallways and when we return to the classroom, the students can see their points on the board.  It's amazing and I can't say enough about this system!  It works wonders!

You can print out parent reports at the end of the week, give parent and student access, and more!  There are even training materials on the website ( to help your school get started.  The graphics you see above are also courtesy of the website.  Perfect to blog and share about your own success with Class Dojo!  Check it out, you won't be sorry!

Last, but not least, I like to include Student Jobs in my classroom.  By doing so, students are given a responsibility.  They are able to apply for their jobs and keep their jobs for an entire quarter.  They choose things they know they will be good at and will enjoy.  I organize my student jobs in simple library pockets and put their names in a little pencil in the pockets.  We rotate jobs every quarter.  The new workers receive "training" from the old workers when the quarter changes.  It teaches responsibility and also some real-world connections.  The kiddos love it and so do I!  You can see my Class Jobs display below:

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my Classroom Management techniques!  Don't forget to follow me over at 2nd Grade Stuff!  See ya next time!



Classroom Management With a Substitute Teacher

Hey everyone, Ms. T here! Going with the theme of classroom management, I thought I could talk about tips for having a sub and dealing with classroom management.

I have to say when I saw this on Farley's blog, it made my heart happy.

Not only is it a message from the teacher, but a great reminder for kiddos to do their best (especially with a sub).

I know it's easier for me as a sub if the teacher has some sort of behavior system in place, whether it's individual/group/class.

Cupcake (she's my friend, I can call her that haha) has a cute compliment jar incentive. She has examples of it being whole group, table, or personal. Love it because the kids work together to earn a star!

When I saw this, I had to pin it for later use and then go to the blog to read more.

I love it! Keeps the kids in check and you don't hear "Do I have to do that?" Or "Our teacher wouldn't make us do that!" Well if the teacher has it prepped for the sub, then perfect!

And I love, love, love this idea!

I love that she has all the info in one place. Some teachers don't allow kids to use the sharpener. Some teachers allow kids to go to the bathroom at certain times. This has it all laid out. Perfect!

Now believe me, it's hard when there is no management system. I've been in some classes like that and had to improvise. I made punchcards and they had to have a certain amount of punches by the end of the week if they wanted board game time. 

Whatever the system, please let your sub know what you use. And also what you do if a child misbehaves. We like to follow what you do so there is continuity and routine! 


Managing Literacy and Math centers!

Hi everyone! It's Jen, from The Teacher's Cauldron.

I'm going to show you a few management "tools" I use in my classroom to make it a "smooth sailing" kind of class...

Ha. Right.

But, really. These procedures that I have in place really work well for me, and I've used them (or a slight variation of them) for quite a while!

It's all from the main board in my room - I call it the "hubbub" lol

First up, Literacy Centers. I have little "triad" system that has been working out GREAT this year.

I think it MAY be my favorite way that I've done them so far! Read how I manage my Literacy centers - and how I manage my small groups too!   You can also check out {THIS} post to see all my Guided Reading goodies I like to use! 

Check out my post on how I organize my math centers, it's different than how I do my literacy centers.

One other management tool I love to use, is the way my kids check out books from my MASSIVE classroom library. I had SO many books by the time those clever little apps came out, so I haven't put them in "a system" yet. But one of the ways I've been keeping track is by using paint sticks.

(mine look prettier now, because I painted them a few summers ago). 

Check out {THIS}post on them!

I hope I gave you a few management tips!


Classroom Management Ideas from Creekside Teacher Tales

Happy Sunday!! It's Tracy from Creekside Teacher Tales!

I wanted to share some classroom management ideas I have been implementing in my room.  With so much going on in a classroom and so much to do, we all know that successful management is a MUST before meaningful learning can happen.  This year is my first year with having the same group of kiddos all day and with those kiddos being heterogeneous   My range of levels is from mid-Kindergarten to beginning of third grade.  I am going to share my table group management, individual management, and how I am managing the range of learners.
Get ready!

I have my kiddos sitting in table groups of 4 or 5.  I will switch up their table groups a few times throughout the year or if a problem arises.  The tables can earn points with the system I am using.  

I used some adorable Melonheadz clipart for these fun creatures.  The tables earn points for actively listening, participating, working hard, being team players, and having spot on volume. 

Here is the set up in the classroom!  I use the creatures as reminders on the board.  The envelopes along the edge contain the points.  The white drawers in the bottom right corner hold the points earned that week.  

We count the points on Friday before lunch and whichever table earned the most enjoys lunch in the classroom with ME!  :)  They love it!
Grab this freebie on my blog!

I started implementing the table points from day one of school.  I love how it gives the table groups a purpose (working together) and something to earn.  However, I discovered after a few days I wanted to give them something to earn individually.  We have been working on money in math and we are given a TON of fake bills with our math manipulatives.   We never use them for math only the coins.  The bills sit in a box.  Now the kiddos can earn bucks for working hard and making good choices.  They keep a bag in their desk with what they have earned thus far.  When they earn 30 bucks they can trade their money in for a prize.  I haven't decided what that will be yet... but most kiddos have under 10 bucks, so I have time :)

Lastly, managing a heterogeneous group.  This by far, has been the most challenging part of my job.  The change in groupings have also made this my most challenging year thus far.  Morning work, independent texts, writing activities, math classwork, math homework, and weekly spelling are all leveled. 
Here is a little freebie of handwriting morning work for my lower kiddos:
This is perfect for them because they can do it independently when they arrive in the morning.  I will be blogging about how I set up my spelling on my blog in the very near future... so keep an eye out. 
I have been using Daily 5 in my room and LOVING it!!!
I did feel the need to provide leveled Work on Writing activities for my kiddos. 
You can read about the materials I started using here.
In addition to what I originally blogged about, I added two more basic activities for some of my kiddos.  I placed the materials in a special bin just for them!
Click on the pictures to check them out!

A tool that I have used with my on grade level and above grade level kiddos is my Buddy Binders.  They are LOVING these.  We thoroughly went over the rules and procedures for using them.  If they finish their morning work, reading whole class activity, math practice, or even during indoor recess- they may visit the binders.  And yes... I said indoor recess! Each binder contains activities that require minimal or no copying and they use materials around your room- dice, dry erase markers, cards, etc. 
Meaningful buddy learning activities not only make me happy
but also the kiddos!
Grab them here:

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