Back to School Survival Giveaway! Ha-Uge!

ok, you are about to read the ramblings of me, Rachel, the tattooed teacher. So when I refer to I, I mean me!

So, I don't know about you, but Labor Day was certainly created with teachers in mind! I returned to work last Monday and am wiped out!
But we Owlies wanted to share some things that make our BTS a little easier!

This one is pure awesomeness my friends! I know my first few weeks I rely on the brains of others so I do not feel overwhelmed!
Each of these items is meant to help you out at this time of year and the rest of the year too!
Each day we will feature a new teacher duo. Each day is a chance to win $50 in goodness!
You can enter, too!
The winner will be announced the following day on our facebook page so be sure you love us there!
And here's today's duo...
Both Tracy (who will forgive my misspelling of her name above) and Jamie are offering $25 spree in their shops!

and if you've not visited their shops, omiword!
I love Tracy's Buddy Binders! I bought it as soon as she posted it! Check the feedback-no lie!
and Jamie's Common Core assessment packs...holla! I use the math ones!
SO enter away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That's all for today...stay tuned for tomorrow!

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