Classroom Management with 2nd Grade Stuff {FREEBIES}

Hey friends!  It's Jamie from 2nd Grade Stuff stopping by today!

I am sharing some information about my Classroom Management techniques.  There are some FREEBIES included from some other fabulous sellers too!

First, I use the trusty clip chart system in my classroom.  I love that this includes both positive and negative reinforcement of behaviors.  It also allows for the students to "make up" for some bad choices by moving back up the chart if they correct their behavior.  You can see an example of the clip chart below.  This is NOT created by me.  It is a FREEBIE offered from Primary Punch.  You can find it for download {HERE}.  Please leave feedback if you download.  She's a super sweet seller.

I paired this behavior management technique with another sweet seller's behavior calendars - also a FREEBIE!  The behavior calendars I use are from A Cupcake for the Teacher and can be downloaded {HERE} for FREE.  The behavior calendars last for an entire month!  Talk about saving paper!  If the students stay on Ready to Learn, they receive ONE sticker on their calendar.  If they move up to Good Choices, they receive TWO stickers and so on.  If the students happen to move down and stay down for the remainder of the day, I then document the students' bad choice(s) using the code(s) on the calendar.  I love this system and so do the parents!  It gets sent home each and every day for the parents to initial and return.  They love the daily communication.

My other FAVORITE way of managing student behavior while at centers or on the go (in the hallways, restrooms, lunch line, etc.) is to use Class Dojo.  I have been using this system for a couple years and fell in love!  First, you create your account for FREE at  Next you add your students and add some custom positives and negatives if you prefer.  Because I teach at a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) school, we prefer to focus on the positive!  After you have done those two things, you can start rewarding points from .... get this.... your iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptop, computer, wherever!  It will instantly pop up the alert on the computer screen showing the point awarded along with who received the point and why.  It's amazing what this will do for your classroom.

During our ELA block, when we are working in centers, I use it at my small-group table.  I have the Class Dojo screen open on my ActivBoard for the class to see.  While I'm working with a small group, I am able to award points for good behavior in centers from my iPad or iPhone and it will pop up an audible noise (if wanted) and the student's name with the point!  You should hear the students when a point is awarded - instant silence and focus on the task!  They ALL want those points!  

I also use this in the hallways, at restroom breaks, and during transitions.  The cool thing is, I award the points on the iPad in the hallways and when we return to the classroom, the students can see their points on the board.  It's amazing and I can't say enough about this system!  It works wonders!

You can print out parent reports at the end of the week, give parent and student access, and more!  There are even training materials on the website ( to help your school get started.  The graphics you see above are also courtesy of the website.  Perfect to blog and share about your own success with Class Dojo!  Check it out, you won't be sorry!

Last, but not least, I like to include Student Jobs in my classroom.  By doing so, students are given a responsibility.  They are able to apply for their jobs and keep their jobs for an entire quarter.  They choose things they know they will be good at and will enjoy.  I organize my student jobs in simple library pockets and put their names in a little pencil in the pockets.  We rotate jobs every quarter.  The new workers receive "training" from the old workers when the quarter changes.  It teaches responsibility and also some real-world connections.  The kiddos love it and so do I!  You can see my Class Jobs display below:

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my Classroom Management techniques!  Don't forget to follow me over at 2nd Grade Stuff!  See ya next time!



  1. I also LOVE ClassDojo. I was skeptical about using it with my upper elementary students but trust me, even the big kids love to hear the DING and see their points...especially when they know the reward! Next, can you list the jobs you have in your classrooms? It was hard to see on the picture. I'm moving from 4th to 2nd in the Fall and would love to incorporate this. Thank you and enjoy your Summer!

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