Spring Fling Freebies Continued

Hey everyone! We decided to keep the Spring Freebies going for a little while longer! 

 I'm here to share a few Easter themed freebies with you.  These all are freebies from early on in my blogging days (be gentle, please!) but they've remained popular during each Easter season.  I saw this cover all over Pinterest last year.  The words are the sight words my oldkindergarten team uses so they don't follow a strict program.  There's also a blank one so you can use your own words.  Click the picture to download it from Google Docs.
Because it was so popular, I created another set.  This set includes the Dolch Primer words.  Click the picture to download it for free from my TpT store.  I wouldn't hate you if you rated it or followed me while you're there either!
I also created color by numbers for math.  First, I created an addition set.
(Click the picture download)
And then I made a multiplication set.
(Click the picture to download)
Don't forget to check out the other great spring items below and enter the giveaway we've got going on here.

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Spring Fling Freebies Continued

Hi everybody! It's Courtney from Swimming into Second. Well, guess what? The freebie fun is not over. I'm here today to share another freebie with you. I've been loving all these spring freebies because, well, I love spring. My allergies do not but that's okay. Since I live in the allergy capital of the United States, this is just a part of life. (I'm not even kidding about this. There was a study and everything... haha. Here it is. )

 I decided to make a brand new center and offer it up as a freebie. I know my students need some help with prefixes so I hope this helps you out too. Click on any of the images to download.







In case you missed it yesterday, some of the ladies at Owl-ways Be Inspired are giving away one of their great resources. You can check it out by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Check out the links below for more great spring resources.


Giveaway Time!

We still aren't finished with our Owl Spring Fling, but the giveaway is now LIVE! Enter today through April 1st!


Spring Fling Day 5 Freebie!

Happy Spring everybody!  It's Linda from Around the Kampfire 
popping in to share a springtime FREEBIE along with some fun ways
to get your kids writing about science!

Spring means planting time and life cycles in my classroom!
We begin by learning all about the Life Cycle of Plants.
During our plant unit we question, predict, observe, and write!

This big spring bundle is loaded with lesson visuals, mini-labs, 
reading comprehension, informational writing, graphic organizers, 
observation journals, diagrams, vocabulary cards, anchor charts and a 
culminating foldable flower project book perfect for assessment or 
an adorable open house and hallway display! 
You can find these Life Cycle of Plants activities and so much more 
in my TeachersPayTeachers store!

Here's a little Spring FREEBIE for your science wall!  

You can download these anchor charts {HERE}
Stop by and see all of the fun things we did with this unit 
in my classroom {HERE}!

Need more spring resources?  Check out the linky below!


Spring Fling Day 4 Printables!

Hey everyone! It's Jen from Teacher by the Beach (formerly, The Teacher's Cauldron)
Teacher by the Beach

I'm here to bring you the NEXT freebie in our Spring Fling!

This freebie comes from my April Common Core Literacy Menu centers pack.

I took a few of the pages from the "Add-Ins" section after all of the centers to let you try out! This is just a taste of what's included. But, they are some of the pages that I'm constantly using... SWBSF organizer to help us with summarzing, which is ALWAYS a hard concept...they always want to give like EVERY detail of the story! lol. I also included an evaluation page that I use a lot...especially for my "quick finishers." Click the picture to download the freebie printables!

Here's what's included in the rest of the "Add-Ins" section....

And if you're interested, here are the centers that are included in the pack...

Make sure you go back to the beginning of the week to get the rest of the fabulous ideas that have been posted! And check out the links below to check out all the fun Spring-Themed resources.


Spring Fling Day 3 FREEBIES!

2nd Grade Stuff

Hey everybody!  It's Jamie from 2nd Grade Stuff here today to share with you a fun spring FREEBIE as part of our Owl-ways Be Inspired Spring Fling FREEBIES!  :)

I have an entire collection of seasonal ELA graphic organizers/printables in my TeachersPayTeachers Store.  These printables can be used in a variety of ways. Aligned with the Common Core Standards, these activities will keep your students learning important skills while having some seasonal fun at the same time!

The ELA printables can be used with any of your favorite seasonal picture books. I often find a great variety of seasonal picture books in the book orders for my classroom. I like to use these as a read-aloud and have the students complete the skill sheet. You could also provide these printables as a center and let the students independently read the seasonal books and complete the skill sheet. They may also be used as homework, morning work, early finisher work, a time-filler, or for a substitute teacher. Lots of possibilities!  I try to provide rigor while having a little seasonal fun as well – the best of both worlds!  See the pictures below for an example of how I use these printables in my classroom.

This is a story about a caterpillar that envies all the other insects that can fly.  His response to these other characters and his problem is too cute - the story has a sweet ending.  The printable below is directly aligned to the Common Core Standards and is perfect to use with this book.

This is a story about a bee that learns a very important lesson when he finds himself in quite the trouble!  The printable beside the book, again, is directly aligned to the Common Core Standards and will assess your students' knowledge of the moral of the story or lesson learned.  I just love the cute little insects on this set of printables.

Today, I'm offering you a FREE SAMPLE of my Spring ELA Printables!  Just click on the image below or {click here} to download the FREE SAMPLE!

If you like the free sample, you can check out the entire product in my TPT Store!  I think you and your kiddos will enjoy using the graphic organizers/printables to spice up your curriculum in the spring time!  You can click on the image below or {click here} to check them out in my TPT Store.

Thanks for stopping by the Owl-ways Be Inspired blog!  Now check out the links below for other Spring-themed products for your classroom!


Spring Fling Day 2 Freebies!

Fern Smith's Spring Fling Day 2 Freebie! 
Hi Everyone! 
I'm Fern from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
 I'm so excited about our Spring Fling Freebies so I'm going to jump right in and show you a few of my favorites. 
(Forgive me in advance, photography has never been my specialty!)
Easter Egg Basic Fact Game
Inside your leftover Easter eggs, write math facts, the problem on one side of the egg and the answer inside the other side. 
For example: 12 x 9=  on one side and then 108 on the other side. 

They can play this game all sorts of ways...

 1. Play alone, just matching up facts

2. Play with a partner, just matching up facts

3. Play with a partner or alone, turning all the half-eggs upside down and using it as a match game. Turn over two egg halves of the same color to try to make a match! 
Number 3 was the favorite of my last class!
 Larger Easter Egg Game
 Place three dice inside one of the larger, candy-filled, clear eggs and the students can use it for a math center to...
1. Order numbers, greatest to least or least to greatest
2. Addition of three numbers
3. Multiplication of three numbers
4. Calculator activities.....add 3 numbers or multiply 3 numbers, etc.....
I've been publishing a lot of new and exciting centers in my TPT store and here is a normally priced resource FREE just for you wonderful Owl-Followers!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREEBIE Mixed Addition Easter Task Cards and Printables 
Fern Smith's FREE Easter Mixed Addition Task Cards and Printables! 
Enjoy and please share with a friend!
For our big giveaway at the end of the Spring Fling fun, I will be giving away one of my newest resources
Easter Addition and Subtraction Centers, Printable Seatwork and Foldables
Easter Addition and Subtraction Centers, Printable Seatwork and Foldables
This resource is a discounted bundle of these two resources
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Easter Addition Centers, Printable Seatwork Centers and Foldables
 Easter Addition Centers, Printable Seatwork Centers and Foldables
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Easter Subtraction Centers, Printable Seatwork Centers and Foldables
 Easter Subtraction Centers, Printable Seatwork Centers and Foldables
I invite you to go all the way back to my first post on our Owl-ways Be Inspired blog to get my free addition center that I have only published for Owl-ways Blog Followers!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Owl-ways Have Time for Math
Three in One Addition Center Games
Concentration, Go Fish and Old Maid
Please come back to our blog everyday for more great Spring Freebies! 


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