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Resources That Keep Us Afloat & Giveaways!!

It is definitely a crazy and hectic time of year, am I right!? Between benchmarks, state testing, report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and more, it's hard to keep your head above water.

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Presidential Duo

Hey everyone!

It's me, Tanja (Ms. T) from Journey of a Substitute Teacher.  Glad to be here this week posting about some presidents!

I think the two presidents kids always talk about are George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

Love this video for Abraham Lincoln!

And George Washington!

In my mind, they are a terrific duo! So I put together a little presidential duo freebie over on my FB page.

Here are some other freebies and products from some friends!


Technology Resources to Celebrate President's Day

Happy President's Day Week! Stephanie from 3rd Grade Thoughts here and I hope you've been enjoying all of the great resources so far to help your students learn even more about this holiday. I'm excited to share some fantastic President's Day technology resources for you to use with your students as soon as today!

BrainPOP, Jr.

Even if you're not a subscriber, BrainPOP and BrainPOP, Jr. have some fantastic free resources for you to use! I highly suggest BrainPOP, Jr.'s free video on Abraham Lincoln for a quick biography of Lincoln's life with a mention of President's Day.

At the bottom of the video, there are loads of activities for you and your students, including quizzes, an interactive word wall, book suggestions, and a stovepipe hat craft!

Click HERE or any of the pictures above to be taken to the video.

Interactive Tours of The White House

If you've ever seen Google Street View, you know how cool the 360* view can be! Fortunately, they have toured The White House and share it HERE for you and your students to see!

Not only can you see this beautiful home from all angles, there are links below of famous artwork that will take you to their specific spot in the room. Highly informative and interactive!

The other interactive tour is filled with more fun facts and videos to show the different highlights of the home. It can be found HERE:

President for a Day!

I had so much fun with this game and I know your students will, too! PBS offers the chance for you to go through a day as the president in a "choose your own adventure" style and follows up each choice with how past presidents have done it-- pictures and facts included!

The game is personalized at the beginning with a few simple questions and at the end of the day, you get your own newspaper cover story :)

It is too much fun and really gives you a sense of the variety of meetings and obligations a president has on a daily basis.

Presidential Trading Cards

Also on PBS' site are ten Presidential Trading Cards to print and fill in. There are answer keys and even a Teacher's Guide for how to use them for a "Who Am I?" game. Find these cards HERE:

Duck For President on YouTube

I *love* this book and will always share it during election year, but it fits in perfectly around President's Day, too. If you don't have access to the book, or would like to spruce up your Read Aloud time, there is a nicely-done video of the book below.

*Note that it is hosted on YouTube, which is sometimes blocked by districts.

I hope these resources gave you some ways to integrate technology as you teach about presidents this week!

Do you have any other favorite technology resources for this holiday? Share them below in the comments!


Literacy Centers for President's Day!

Aloha! This is Nicole from Teaching With Style, bringing you some President's Day goodies today!

In my room, I teach literacy using the Daily 5, allowing me to meet with small groups.  At my Word Work center, I typically have 2 different literacy centers.  The skills correlate with what we are learning whole group, and are aligned to the Common Core standards. For the next two weeks, my Word Work centers will be Presidents Day themed!  I love to integrate holidays and seasonal themes into my literacy centers, just because sometimes it's hard to fit it in otherwise.

The centers focus on Fact & Opinion (to complement our opinion writing unit), possessive nouns and collective nouns (we've been working on a lot of parts of speech lately since so many of my students are ELL and need language support), and contractions (just because they are hard and my kids need lots of opportunities for practice!)

Just for my Owl readers, I turned the Fact & Opinion into a mini-center for you and your students! Just click the image below to go to my Dropbox and download.  Enjoy!


Kid President Love {Class Book Freebie}

Hey y'all.  It's Amanda from Teaching Maddeness.  Today is my first day at work in over a week!!  We will have a lot to catch up on, but I'm sharing something I whipped up to do in my classroom TODAY!

Just because Presidents' Day was yesterday, doesn't mean it's over in the classroom.  At least, not ours!  I'm keeping Presidents' Day alive with Kid President.

Please tell me you know this kid...I, for one, cannot get enough of him!  If you're not familiar with this YouTube sensation, check out this "Top 10 Kid President Moments" video...

My students (and myself) think he is HILARIOUS!  His message is really inspiring, too.  You can click here to read a bit about how this all got started. 

In celebration of Presidents' Day, I thought it would be fascinating to hear from my students.  I wanted to know what their point of view would be if THEY were KID PRESIDENT!  So, I made a little class book that you can download below.

It was inspired by the "An Open Letter to Moms from the Kid President" video - probably my all-time favorite video of his.  You know, sometimes, we really should stop and listen to kids more. ;)

The book includes 25 page options - hopefully enough for each student in your class.  I think you'll be impressed and entertained by their advice.  If only we could put kids in charge!  At least, for a day, maybe. :)

So, we did this activity today in my classroom.  We started out by talking about Kid President and watching a couple of the videos listed in the FREEBIE.  Then, we watched the one above.  Since there are 25 pages in the class book, that left a few extras, so we brainstormed and completed those together to help students understand the assignment.  We talked about what we would "want" to say (you know, what we're thinking in our heads, but don't always verbalize) to the person.  I emphasized that it was okay to add a little humor in, also.

Students did a great job!  Here are a few samples of their completed pages.  I hope your students enjoy making the book, too!

 Teaching Maddeness


Learning All About Votes

Hey ya'll!! Stephanie here from Falling Into First -- and Second.. ;)  It's President's Day! For those of you who have the day off like me, I cheers my Starbucks to you this Monday morning. For those of you that don't, we're hoping to make your life a little bit easier this week by sharing some new ideas and activities to recognize past and present Commander In Chiefs.

 The Electoral College. It can be about clear as mud for adults to understand. Let alone kids. 

But by 2nd and 3rd grade, I think kids are old enough to start digging a little deeper into how the votes really add up. I always do a mock classroom election this week after we've spent some time learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. But this year, I'm taking a cue from my friend, Grace. 

Grace For President is not just has a darling story about a young girl who runs for class President. It also does a really excellent job breaking down the Electoral College into kid friendly language. Their class has an election where each child is assigned a state. Their individual vote is worth the same number of  Electoral Votes as their assigned state.

This year when we do our mock election, I'm going to assign states and electoral votes to my class too. We will do some MAJOR math together adding up all the numbers.  I typed up this quick reference sheet for teachers so that you can have this information at a glance.

Click HERE to download.

I'm linking up with one of the other amazing OWL gal authors, Amanda, of Teaching Madness!! She's just started a Must Read Monday linky and I so was thrilled to have this post to link up today! Stop by to see what everyone else is reading this week.


Happy President's Day!!!



Spend the Week with our Presidents

Hey again! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher. I just love February! I love biographies and that's what I do all month long! I spend a week on all things presidential then the rest is Black History. I wanted to share a few things I do during our presidential studies. Each day this week we Owls will be sharing our ideas! So get your downloading on!

Just fyi...I am fascinated with Lincoln. I don't know why, but I am! Each year I use this free, little craft from Amy. And it sure wouldn't be complete without the kiddos adding the lips magnets!

We also go online and read about presidential favorites. Last year we were working on our graphing unit so we graphed favorite foods. Very interesting.

But my favorite, quick and easy activity is reading this book I found and developing a list of presidential character traits. First, the book is simply to die for! But my literal kids never get it! 

Second, I love any craft I can use their little face on!

we turn this...into this

You can make your own too! Here's my freebie just for you!

Happy President's Day!

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