Winter Games and Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

Hi!  This is Jenn from Charts N Chit Chat.  I wanted to share some 'funnies' with you.  As you know the south as been swallowed up by SNOW and ICE the past few weeks.  Those of us that write for Owlways Inspired have developed a close friendship with each other because we communicate so much together.  And, several of us are from the south, so we get together and trade messages on Facebook to keep each other apprised of our Snow-mageddon stories and snow days.  All of this unfolds much to the amusement of our northern, mid-western, and western blog buddies who get a foot of snow each day <or so they say!!!>.  So, in celebration of our snow stories and since it is a timely topic, I thought I would share these pinnables with you so that you could laugh and giggle as much as I have!

First up is a little pinnable shared on our Owlways Inspired Facebook page by Amanda at Teaching Maddeness who is our resident SC blogger:

She and I have been giving each other daily updates of our weather.  It is so rare that SC gets snow that it should probably be noted in the Guiness Book of World Records!

Next up is Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron who shared this on her Facebook page:

I love this!!  It is too funny!

I also saw this on a friend's page (I'm not sure where she got it):

Us southerners LOVE our flip flops.  Even with 7 inches of snow you will still find people walking in and out of places with flip flops on.  

And this sums up how Southerners look at snow!  I found this on Pinterest:

Snow in the south never gets old....a new adventure every time it flurries!  We had flurries last Monday and actually had parents lining up to check their kids out of school!  Snow is not taken lightly down here because of all of the mountains and curves and lack of salt/salt trucks/snowplows.  We just aren't equipped for it.

Now...back to 'school' things....

This week in my class we would have been working on all things Olympic and heart-shaped for Valentine's Day...but alas....we had a 'winter break' so all of that got put on hold in my class!  The good things is that the Olympics are still going on and you are never late when celebrating love!  One of the activities we were going to work on was a winter games themed multi-meaning word lesson with a follow up of these cute task cards!  And best of all, they are free!!!  Don't you just love free stuff???  

Also, last night I uploaded a simple little President's Day Freebie so go check it out also!

Below you will find links to all of the other AWESOME creations by us Owlways Inspired gals!  Make sure you check them out and pin them also!  Did you know that you can pin right from TpT??


  1. I'm in Virginia (less than an hour from the NC border) and we got over 20 inches of snow!!! It was AWFUL! A VDOT (VA Dept of Transportation) plow truck FLIPPED over trying to plow one of the back roads! One of the teachers at our school is from NJ and she laughs at us - but she just doesn't understand-- these back country roads are DANGEROUS when there isn't anything on them! Hope you stay safe and warm! There's still snow EVERYWHERE here--but it's going to be 60 by Friday :)

  2. Yes safety is very important on roads when there is snow. And safety is also very important when playing game son snow also.


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