Literacy Centers for President's Day!

Aloha! This is Nicole from Teaching With Style, bringing you some President's Day goodies today!

In my room, I teach literacy using the Daily 5, allowing me to meet with small groups.  At my Word Work center, I typically have 2 different literacy centers.  The skills correlate with what we are learning whole group, and are aligned to the Common Core standards. For the next two weeks, my Word Work centers will be Presidents Day themed!  I love to integrate holidays and seasonal themes into my literacy centers, just because sometimes it's hard to fit it in otherwise.

The centers focus on Fact & Opinion (to complement our opinion writing unit), possessive nouns and collective nouns (we've been working on a lot of parts of speech lately since so many of my students are ELL and need language support), and contractions (just because they are hard and my kids need lots of opportunities for practice!)

Just for my Owl readers, I turned the Fact & Opinion into a mini-center for you and your students! Just click the image below to go to my Dropbox and download.  Enjoy!


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