Easy Accommodations for ALL Students

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share some easy accommodations that any teacher can use with their students just to make life easier.

When I give my students things to copy from the board, I always give them an exact example of what they should copy along with some kind of visual cue.  This helps them know exactly what they should be doing.

My students need boundaries!  Using painters tape is an easy way to divide a space and it doesn't leave  sticky residue.

My students have the HARDEST time finding the page in their textbooks.  To make things easier on my students (and me), I taught them to move a sticky note as we work through the book.  

So nothing groundbreaking, but I'm all about finding quick tricks to make my life easier!  Do you have any good ideas to help accommodate for your students?


  1. I do the same things with all my firsties. Many of them can't read the numbers or figure out what comes before or after the page they're looking for so post-its save my sanity!! We have one in every book we use. I also use my projector to display "my" planner where the homework is written for the students to copy. I lay my pencil so the point it showing them where we are that day. I do that for math pages, etc too. One other thing I do that I find helps a lot is to remove any unused/extra pages from our consumable books as we go. For example, when we finish a chapter but haven't used all the lessons or extras, we all tear those pages out and take them home or recycle them. Sometimes I will collect them if I think we may use them later on. I am for anything that makes school life easier!

  2. Thank you! Tape on the table is genius - I've tried those enormous plastic sleeves, trays/placemats...anything to keep peaceful boundaries, but they always slide. Tape? Awesome!! Jen


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