Keeping Kids Going With State Testing

Hey everyone!

My kids are on a week break from state testing. I don't know how your schools/state does it, but in my school, it's all on the computers. My school also has it arranged so they have 3 days for the ELA main portion then a break, then 3 days for the performance task. We're on a break before we do the math test and then there'll be another break and the math performance task. Which means we'll have tested in both April and May.

The kids have been pretty great, but it's also a stressful time. To help with things, I've made sure to do some easy activities or stress relieving moments. One day we drew and colored for 25 minutes. It was very much needed and they were fine.

I ask fun questions on my easel or have them finish a quote.

Yesterday while learning about decimals, I threw in a quick matching game. They ran up to me and said it was so much fun.

                                                                             I got these cards here.

We all can't wait for testing to be over, but I know we'll make it by throwing some fun, stress-relieving activities in there.

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