Winter Games Freebie - Main Idea Challenge

Happy Thursday! This is Courtney from Swimming into Second. I'm stopping by to bring you another Winter Games freebie. I hope you have enjoyed this week on Owl-Ways Be Inspired. I've really loved all the freebies.

This week, my kiddos and I have been working on main idea. Well, at least for the 2 days we were in school before the snow storm arrived. I made a Keynote that introduce the task to my students.  After I had shown my kiddos how to find the main idea and details and they helped me find it in a text, I had some breaking news come in.

The pictures below were part of my Keynote. I had the text zoom in like a text message and the kids loved this. 

I put my kiddos in teams for the week. We are really working on teamwork and getting along. We do group work all the time and it never fails that someone doesn't get along with another person in their group. Ugh! Drives me crazy! Anyway, I decided to let them earn gold medals if their group worked together during the week.

The slide below shows them what I expect them to do to earn their medals.

Each group was named after sports that are in the Winter Games. At the end of the day, my kids got their gold medals if they met my 3 expectations. So far, so good.

On the first day of the challenge, my kids read about the sports that their group was named after. The Ski group read about freestyle skiing, the Sleds group read about the luge and the bobsled, the Skates group read about speed skating, and the Sticks group read about hockey and curling. 

On day two, the students got a set of cards and they had to find out which was the main idea and which card had the supporting details. I made 4 sets of cards (one for each group) and then we rotated so they had to do 2 sets of the cards. We will do the other two eventually when we head back to school after this snow.

For your freebie, I have made the cards into a pack for you. I've included 2 versions of each set of cards so you can choose what better matches the ability of your kids. The recording sheet is also included. Click on any of the images below to grab the freebie.

If you are looking for my Winter Games activities, check out the links below.

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