More St. Pat's Fun!

Two reasons I love St. Patrick's Day...
I love potatoes-thus I love Ireland
My maiden name is Greene-thus I claimed to not have to wear green if I forgot!

No really, I love green!
And I think it's a pretty fascinating holiday with all the history mixed with modern day fun!
Speaking of history-I've learned a lot about the holiday

1. I have learned that Lucky Charms cereal likes to change up the marshmallows.
I am certain they do this just to irritate me!
So when we do our Lucky Charms activities, and there happens to be a mistake in the marshmallow sheet, we go with the flow and mark if off!
Flexibility is the name of the game folks!
we tally and table of course, but we also create comparison statements, create equations,

I swear this activity is one of the favs every year!
And I make it way harder on them too!
fyi-that little girl is sitting at my old desk (picture from last year).
She is not bringing lotion and teacher stamps to school!
I just updated this unit...all new clipart! New fonts! And a completely new look for the minibooks! I cannot wait to use it!
I also use these adorable little kettles for a money activity! I have a handful of coin manipulatives in the little pots and after counting it, they switch with a partner to compare coins! And then you can use them for Linda's activity too! Double win!

2. I have learned a lot about Saint Patrick himself!
I wanted to make an activity like my Saint Valentine minibook, and sweet Kari Bolt made a Saint Patrick set!
It's perfect! And it fits our Social Studies essential standards for teaching about historical people and not just a holiday for holidays sake!
and no, I do not teach in a private school! I think it is important to learn about holidays.
Holidays are based on beliefs and reason behind the holidays. I love history!

and if you are looking for more great ideas...check out Linda's post with a few freebies!
Happy Saturday!

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  1. I used the book this week with my students and it is VERY well written and organized. Our reading specialists dropped by to observe one day and wanted to know where I had found it! I have a preservice teacher that was there one day as well. He had gone to a private school and was interested in how public schools can teach the history of the holiday, even when it has religious roots.


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