H(array) for St. Patrick's Day!

H(array) it's almost St. Patrick's day! It's Linda from 
Around the Kampfire here with one more glorious 
day of Spring Break then it's back to school to buckle 
down for the home stretch! I thought I'd share this 
free printable my little leprechauns will be using this week.

St Patricks Day free printable math practice
Before our break we did some St. Patrick's Day writing about 
how to capture a leprechaun and the wishes he would have to 
grant in order to be set free!

St Patricks Day craft

We defined a leprechaun and learned about the
history of St. Patrick's Day then made these pots o' gold!

You can find another quick lesson for arrays, along with
free printable over at my home blog, Around the Kampfire!

My little leprechauns think they'll get to pinch me on Tuesday
but I'm ready with this adorable shirt from Teacher T-shirts!

How do you keep from getting pinched on St. Patrick's day?


  1. What a darling freebie - and I love how cute all of your kids' projects turned out!
    P.S. That shirt is adorable - what a great way to avoid getting pinched! :o)


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