February Videos to Use in Your Classroom

February is just around the corner and it's an unbelievably busy month for us elementary teachers. Many of us will celebrate our 100th Day, along with Valentine's Day, Black History Month, Dental Health, and President's Day.

One of my favorite ways to cover different teach points, when there are so many to cover, is using short videos or video clips.

Here are a few links for some of my favorite videos you can use in February:

President's Day:

A cool morphing video of all of our presidents {think Michael Jackson's Black or White video}. Your students will love it!

A video version of Duck for President

Dental Health:

Dudley Visits the Dentist is perfect for Dental Health. It's a cartoon, so it's definitely more appealing for the littles but my third graders sure didn't mind it when I shared it years ago!

Valentine's Day:

My favorite, favorite, favorite Valentine's Day book is Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. You can find it read online by Hector Elizando here.

I also have a resource to go with it, if you want to check it out here.

Black History Month:

There are so many important people and so many important events to cover for Black History education, that I don't really use videos. I like to dive into books and TpT resources, but here are a few short clips that I really liked:

This super-short video about Rosa Parks that really helps students relate to how important she was, and how the choices she made effected their lives in a very major way.

Another video in the same vain as the Rosa Parks video, covering many important figures. A great discussion starter.

I hope these videos will help you in your classroom in February! Good luck getting it all in :)


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