Multiplication Duo - A Card Game!

Hey all! It's Jessica from The Teacher Talk! I'm dropping by today to share a game I can up with (may already exist) this week to practice our multiplication facts in a fun way. I am all about learning through play... yes, even in the third grade. So, my mind is always racing with different games that the kids could play to practice their math facts-normally the ideas come to me in the classroom.

I have a few I've come up with and will be sharing them on my blog later, but I wanted to share the most recent one with you here! It's called Multiplication Duo - Kid named and approved!

It's super easy to play and the kids 'get it' really fast! I started out teaching it to one group (off the top of my head) while all other students were doing other fact fluency games and then... one by one-more students kept joining in the on the fun and it broke out into a mini-lesson on Multiplication Duo! It's so much fun! You have to try it!

You will want to pick out numbers 1-10 in 2 sets of card decks - then, combine them.
When playing each student gets 10 cards for themselves and they can't show anyone.
After they each have their 10 cards, they take the remaining cards and put them in a pile in the center of themselves.
One card from the pile is flipped over and students look at their hand to find a factor to multiply that number by. Whoever gets the largest product wins that round and collects all their cards to keep as 'their points.' 
I told students to give each other time to think about which card they wanted to lay down and then the person who flipped the card counts: 1, 2, 3... duo! Then, the students lay down all of their cards at once so there isn't any cheating. ;)

Here is a little direction sheet for you to print off and stick at your own fact fluency station or to include for early finisher work! 

Click here or on the picture to grab this directions page!!

Thanks for taking time to learn this fun new game! Like I said, I will have many more games on my blog super soon! Be sure to visit!

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  1. What a great and easy game to set up!

    We played Multiplication Top It, same idea but students pick up 2 cards at once, multiply those cards, and the person with the highest product keeps the cards for points. (I make sure they get the product correct by having their partners check with a calculator or chart, they would normally just check if they're unsure.)

    Love having a variety of games!

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