Monthly Organization

Hi! It's Jen, from Teacher by the Beach.
Teacher by the Beach

I'm just stopping by to show you how I like to organize my monthly activities. If you don't know, I like to thematic teach. I don't use the curriculum, so I use whatever I want and align it with whatever skills I have to teach that week/quarter.

SO, I keep all my monthly activities (minus center packs) in those buckets you see on top of my cabinets up there.
(If you want to see the rest of my room for this year, you can check out {THIS} post)

This was my bucket labels from a few years ago (hence my old name on the picture), but this is a close up of the buckets. I like the ones that have the handles that fold over...for any of those tough-to-close months... you know the months that have SO much to do in them! ha!

And within those buckets, I have all my themes just in ziploc baggies so I can easily see what theme is what, but it keeps them from getting all mixed up with other themes.

You can come see more about my organization {HERE} - I LOVE organizing.

Here is my organization HERE  and HERE for all the posts.

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