Making Art with Air

Hey y'all! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher and I wanted to share a little art activity we do each year during our weather and air unit!

Sort of by accident I discovered bubbles make great weather art! We were blowing bubbles at recess one time and just seeing all the little spots on the concrete were they'd popped gave me an idea. So the next day we tried it...outside. Nope. Bubbles everywhere but the paper! So we ended up inside!

I had luck with mixing dish detergent, paint, and water to make the perfect blend to blow bubbles and have the pop onto our paper for a little art. This year for the life of me I could not get the mixture right, but we worked with what we had! Each student came over to the sink and blew as many bubbles onto their paper as they wanted. I tried to keep them from smearing and dripping, but they make for interesting pictures regardless. Sometimes I just gotta let go!
So here's my recipe for success...ok, here's my materials list!

After they dried all morning and we watched a little weather clip, I guided them through writing what type of weather their picture reminded them of. You can’t see my bubble picture in the shot, but it just had 2 perfectly popped bubbles with a little bit of “shrapnel” all over. I asked them to tell their reader about the “what”{the weather} and the “why” {they chose it}. I really love how different and unique they are, too!

Here's a little freebie to write their descriptions on! It doesn't have to be about weather either!


  1. I just finished updating my air & weather resources. You can bet I'll be adding this one now. Thank you!
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