Easy Tips for Summer Reading

Looking for ways to keep your kiddos 
reading over the summer?  I wanted to share 
a few easy {and free} tips you can use to 
keep the kids interested and engaged!

Take a trip to the local public library.

Why not?!  The books are free!
Check out some books, get out some 
paper and a pencil, and try some 
of the following activities.

Search for words that begin with certain letters:

Search for words that have certain blends:

Discuss the characters, setting, 
problem, and solution from the book:

Search for nouns, verbs, and adjectives:
Search for rhyming words:

Another great thing about the library - access 
to awesome learning resources online 
like Starfall and ABCya!

I hope you and your kiddos have a blast 
reading and hanging out at the library!

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