10 Things Every Teacher Should Do During the Summer

Hello, everybody!

It's Halle from Across the Hall, and I'm here today to share 10 things {I personally think} every teacher should do before heading back to school in t he fall.

Whether you're only a month into your summer {like teachers by me}, or getting ready to head back to school, I hope you find this list a little but useful, a little bit funny, and a lotta bit inspirational for many summers to come.

Without further ado...

This one doesn't need much explanation. You gave it your all for 10 months. I sincerely hope you did NOT go back to your classroom the day after school let out. Give yourself a breather. 

I don't care if you thrive on 4 hours of sleep {who are you and what's your secret} or if you have 12 kids. You owe it to yourself to sleep past nine or doze off in a hammock somewhere at least once. Every summer.

Listen. I love a laptop as much as the next person {I do blog and create for TpT, obviously}, but we owe it to our loved ones {furry or otherwise} to unplug and give them our full focus. Do this way more than once for maximum health benefits :)

Yoga? Cycling? Making the perfect crepe? Take some time this summer and master a new skill. Mine has been turning my black thumb into a green one. It's still very dark green, bordering on black...but hey, it's getting lighter...

Ok. You slept in. You spent nine days in a row with your kids without threatening their lives. You can install new electric outlets with your eyes closed. Now it's okay to spend some time on professional development. Pick what makes your eyes light up about teaching and learn more about it. Blogs TOTALLY COUNT but look into local workshops and classes too!

Alright. Back to you. Please indulge in some water therapy this summer. I am fortunate enough to live close to a beach and my dad's pool, so I get plenty of water therapy. But a long, hot shower counts too. There's not many things I like more than my water therapy.

Sign me up for this one! Please, please, please treat yo'self to something, anything, this summer. A mani/pedi? Ice cream from Mr. Softee? A new maxi-dress? However big or small your budget, you deserve it, so go get it!

We all love our summer, but we also want to be prepared for the next school-year. And nothing helps us prepare more than TpT!! Can't quite bring yourself to hit purchase on all those resources due to a bad case of "Back-to-School Denial"? Add items to your wish list now and hit purchase once that wave of denial has passed.

Pick something you'd like to do better this year. Get to school earlier? Leave earlier to get home to your family? More small group instruction? Start having a Start Student? Make it your goal to do that one thing better. Mine is to keep more organized and streamlined records {if you wanted to know ;)}

And for the record, I said one thing! Do not go overboard. Be kind to yourself. We probably all have a million things we want to do differently but it's impossible to do a lot of things and do them well.

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