Birthdays in the Classroom

Hi everyone!
It's Jen from {Teacher by the Beach}. I wanted to share with you something I do for birthdays. It's so simple, but means so much to the kids and parents. Every year in the beginning of the school year, one of my "to-do" list items is to write out all their birthday postcards for the year. I just take them home one night and write them out while I'm watching a show.  I put the date on the bottom of the card to remind me when to mail out, and hopefully I get them out in time. 

Yes, I really do mail them out. If you know me, you know that I just love birthdays! Birthdays are such an important day in someone's life, so I love making kids feel special on their birthday.  The parents always comment on the postcards and the kids are always so excited to get mail! A lot of the times, they bring in the postcard to school to show me. And I just love their excitement over it. And to me, the cost of stamp isn't that much for something that makes them happy. I don't give them gifts, aside from a birthday crown and pencil, but they sure do love the postcards!


  1. Your post cards are a great idea. I make each of my kids a birthday banner. Then all their classmates color and sign it. You can see it on
    Have a great year.

  2. You and I have the same handwriting!!! I was really confused when I saw the picture. Too funny!


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