Helpful & Inspirational Nameplates {free download}

Choosing nameplates can be tricky.

Not too busy.  Not too boring.  Not too expensive.
Sleeves or no sleeves?  Tape them down?

I recently got fed up with the nameplate
situation and took matters into my own hands.

These nameplates don't have clipart.  But
they do have lots of helpful information.

- the alphabet 
- number line from 1-30
- months of the year
- days of the week 
- "Welcome to ___ Grade!" greeting
- space for the student's name
- inspirational motto

The best part (I think, but I'm a little
biased) is the inspirational motto.

The motto says "believe - respect - try."
I truly want these things for my kiddos.

I want them to believe in themselves.
I want them to respect each other.
I want them to try their best.

You can snag the nameplates {HERE}
or by clicking on the picture above.

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