Fall Fact Frenzy {Fact Practice Freebie}

Happy Fall, y'all!  It's Dana from Prepping for the Primary Gridiron and I'm excited to share an activity that will help your kiddos master the relationship between addition and subtraction!

It's extremely important that students understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.  Once this connection is made, their fact fluency increases.

In this activity, the kids start by matching up number sentence cards.  They are creating a fact family, so they will match two addition sentences with two subtraction sentences.  

Once the kids find the four matches for each fact family, 
they must begin to solve for the missing numbers.  Each card 
has a missing number.  If the kids understand the relationship 
between addition and subtraction, this part of the 
activity will be a little easier.  

The kids record their answers on the recording sheet.  It's a great way for you to assess their understanding and fact fluency.  

I hope this activity benefits your kiddos as much as it has mine!


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