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I am always on the lookout for engaging, educational apps for my classroom and when I can find one for FREE, well, that's a extra bonus!  I'm here today to share one of our favorites with you!  If you have some to share, post them on Instagram with the hashtag #appyclassrooms so other teachers can find them!

This app, called Classify, is perfect for any classroom that teaches plants and/or animals.  Here's a brief peek at how the app works.

There are three levels.  I start my students on Level 1 - it's not TOO easy, so it's perfect for them.  Students will start on Level 1 and as you can see, they will have to unlock other levels.  If students reach a certain score, they will unlock the next level and can move on.  However, the ultimate goal is to "master" a level to earn the Creature Card for that level.  You can see in the picture above, that I have unlocked Level 2, but have not mastered it yet.

Here's a peek at the first board in Level 2.  Students will be looking for "living things that are mammals."  They will grab the red circle and swipe it to the right to flip over the cards on the gameboard.

Once cards are flipped over, students will simply click on all of the cards that fit the category.  If they click on a card and change their mind, they simply click again to deselect it.

Cards that are selected change colors, so students can review their answers before hitting the classify button to submit their answers.

After submitting their answers, students are immediately able to see which were correct (green check) and which were incorrect (red x).

Then, it calculates their score.  They have a chance to replay it (if it wasn't mastered, this would need to be done to earn the creature card for that level), or go to the next board.

From the home screen, students can view their collection of creature cards.  They love to tell others when they've earned a new card!

I hope this is an app that you can use in your classroom!  It's FREE, easy to navigate, engaging for students, and educational at the same time!  That makes for #appyclassrooms!

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