Listening Center Response Idea {Freebie Included!}

Hi, Owl friends!  It's Dana from

I love using my listening center during Guided 
Reading.  The kids absolutely LOVE it!  It offers 
them a chance to read along with a fun & exciting text.

When they finish listening to a book, they fill
out a listening response form.  Here's a glimpse:

It's nothing super cute or fancy, but it 
covers several important skills/concepts.

Some of my ELLs have trouble spelling and
writing out sentences at times, so I also allow
them to illustrate certain parts of the activity.

When finished, the kids used to put the papers
in their finished work pockets.  That got a little
annoying because the papers are half sheets and 
I would have to dig in the pockets to find them.


I started asking my kids to complete the activity
and then glue it into their Reading journals.  It's
a regular composition journal where they also
write their reading responses.  It's the perfect way
for them to go back and reflect AND for me not to 
go digging around in their finished work pockets!

If you think your kiddos would enjoy this, you can 
download it HERE or by clicking the picture below.

I hope your kiddos enjoy their listening 
center books and activities!  

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