Mother's Day Ideas {Magazine and Firefly Card Freebie}

Moms.  They certainly deserve a very special gift on their special day.  What better than a hand-written keepsake from their child to treasure for years to come?

I know when I go to my mom's house, she still has that big box full of all the little notes, cards, and poems that we made for her when we were small.  There's not much that's more special to a mom than heartfelt writing from her child.

My absolute favorite Mother's Day gift that I do year after year is our Mother's Day Magazines.  They turn out so cute.  So personalized.  So unique.  So heartfelt.

The magazines include an interview, a recipe, an advice column, and more!  So precious!  You can find the magazine at the link below.

And, I like to have the kids "wrap it" - you know, so mom doesn't see it in the car on the way home. :) We usually just use bulletin board paper that they decorate on their own.

Here's a cute little card FREEBIE you could make to attach to the wrapped gift.  Or, the card by itself would be a nice little gift for mom. Just print, add fingerprints, and personalize.  Easy peasy!

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  1. I LOVE the card and I use that magazine every.single.year!


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