Mother's Day cards: made with love and celery!

Hey y'all! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher, and I am loving the ideas this week on Owls!
I love a good craft! Especially one that I know parents will actually look at and not toss. I mean I never do that! ;) I wanted to share two super fun and creative ideas I do every year for Mother's Day in my classroom!

My favorite craft, by celery painting! I found it on this little blog and it took some trial and error with so many kids, but I do it each year, so it can't be that bad!
The tutorial is super specific, so I didn't recreate it!
and here's what you get!

another yearly favorite is bath salts! Now, oil of essence is a little tougher to find, but luckily we have a health food store nearby. But you can also order it on Amazon! This idea would go great with Katie Mense's newMommy Spa product!

I literally have them sit in the floor in a circle. Each kid gets a snack size zippy bag, and we pass the Epsom salts around. They put in 2 or 3 scoops. Then we pass the oil around. They put in 2 DROPS! Zip-shake-done! As you can see, we have added food coloring before...let's just say I am pretty sure it comes out in the tub! So now we do au naturale! 
The kids decorate the front anyway they think their mom would like, then record the directions for use on the back! It's simply a large index card stapled over the zippy part! You could also make a sugar scrub! yum!

And last, but not least! We host a Garden Tea Party!
You can read more about it here (and why we have it), but here's the scoop all in one nifty product! I just rehauled this thing! This file includes a Happy Mother's Day banner, cards for invitations (also editable), food and drink table tent signs, place cards for mom, and more! and it doesn't have to be a tea party either! I also included just a plain ol' we love love our momma party! as well as a Special Ladies sign in case your kiddos need that option! I am smitten with these colors right now!
I adore inviting these amazing mommies to spend some time with us. I work in an area where our parents have to work. We do not have many stay at home moms. So this day is super special for my kiddos!
I even invite my own mommy!

You can see there in the background that we just have our moms sit at the kids' desks and we serve them tea and cookies. We also deliver their gifts (bath salts, card, and our mother's day magazines!) I set out poetry books and other sweet things, but trust me, the moms and grandmas are super entertained by the gifts alone! 
If you are interested in hosting a little mommy day of your own, click below to check out my printable pack! It's half off this week!

We are linking up some extra special ideas all week!
Join us again tomorrow!


  1. Your mom is so cute! I love the celery rose idea! Going to test it out this weekend and add it to my plans! :)

    Andrea @ Cheers To School


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