Mother's Day Week

Hey y'all! It's Megan from I Teach. What's Your Super Power?  It's Mother's Day week over here at Owl-Ways Be Inspired.  It's sneaking up on us, and it's time to get planning.  This week you'll find plenty of great activities to celebrate moms.
This was a fun writing lesson that we did for Mother's Day.  It could work well for anytime of the year, though, and I think it would be a super fun end of the year lesson. Their Mother's Day gifts were the top ten reasons their mom was the best, and they always turn out so very sweet.

We started off by brainstorming special things about their mom.  The only rule was that it could not be something their mom bought for them. We thought about special times together, birthday traditions, how they care for us when we're sick, etc.  I always model by brainstorming about my mom, and they love hearing about her.

The next step was to get writing.  This is a great time to teach kids about rearranging sentences.  Otherwise, all of your sentences will start with "she" or "my mom."  I limit them to two each.  So:

"She always makes me chicken noodle soup when I am sick."

Gets rearranged to become:

"When I am sick, she makes me chicken noodle soup.

 When I taught fourth grade, we used Glogster for our final copies.

Our third graders also know how to use Open Office.  They were very comfortable using it, so we just went with that.  Here's one sweet kiddo's list:

These top ten lists make wonderful Mother's Day gifts, but I think they would make a great end of the year reflection, too.  Check back this week for more Mother's Day ideas!

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