Are You Ready for Mother's Day? (Win It! Plus, a FREEBIE!)

Hello, there!

It's Halle from Across the Hall in 2nd Grade, and I am so happy to share a little Mother's Day Love with you today!

Mother's Day is such a special holiday.  I don't think it's a secret that being a mom is the hardest job on the planet!

Have you seen this video for "World's Toughest Job?" , it's pretty funny, but I imagine also 100% true!

I also love it because I get to honor and celebrate my mom. And maybe I'm partial, but she pretty much is the best mom. Ever.

To celebrate Mother's Day with my students we make a craft from my TpT store, "My Heart Blooms for Mom". (Want to win it? Make sure to comment on this post!!)

I love it because it's easy to prepare, and even though my students are all competing the same craft, they are incredibly personal and different because of their answers.

I'm actually ahead of the game for once, and my students already completed theirs.  Here are a few examples:

Love their responses!

This year I bought enough seed packets for each one of my students to include with their craft.

The ones I bought are not nearly this cute :(

We'll place their flower pot in a gift bag, and throw in the seeds for good measure, and viola!, instant, adorable keepsake for mom!

I also have my students complete this adorable freebie from Martha Stewart.  You can grab it here.  We'll roll it up and tie it with a piece of twine.

I've had a few moms ask to laminate it, they love it so much!

And there you have we get ready for Mother's Day in 2nd Grade!

Want to win a copy of "My Heart Blooms for Mom?"

Comment below with your favorite Mother's Day tradition!

I'll announce a winner on the Owl Facebook page tonight, so make sure you're a fan :)



  1. This is so cute. I love being with my family on Mother's Day!

  2. I would love to win this. Very cute idea! Thanks.

  3. We always used to go out to eat brunch on Mother's Day, but now I live in a different state from my mom :(. I added this to my cart, but am waiting to see if I win it first!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  4. We always go to church first, then take my mother out to eat for a Mother's Day brunch!


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  6. We usually have brunch together on Mother's Day. This craftivity is adorable and I'd love to win it!!

  7. I would love to win this! :) We have so much going on this coming week, it is hard to get it all done! ;)

  8. Cute craft (it's on my wish list)! I love spending the day outdoors hiking with my family on Mother's Day.

  9. What a sweet craft idea. I love the addition of the packet of seeds.

  10. Halle- I just love this post, every bit of it! I feel like you are simply talking to us over coffee or lunch or something! Your Mother's Day craft is darling! Thank you for sharing it with us in this way. :)

    2nd Cup of Campers

  11. So cute!

  12. I always get my mom somethings she WANTS not something she needs! This year it was a point and shoot camera for our Eurotrip this summer! :-)

    1. and forgot my email...

  13. Love this activity!! We planted flowers for Mother's Day. This would be the perfect accompaniment to their little flower pots.

  14. I love this activity! I always feel so overwhelmed by this time of year. This is easy for the teacher and any grade can do it!

  15. We usually go out to lunch on Mother's Day :-)

  16. All of the girls get together and take our mom out to lunch. We give her one of our favorite things as a little gift.

  17. We do whatever mom wants for a change!!! : ) love your activity!!!

  18. We go to church, eat lunch together, then plant all of our flowerpots.

  19. I love this! I would love to do this activity over the next few days, with my library kiddo's.

    Our family tradition has always been Church and brunch. My mother lives near me and all of my brothers (I have 5) and their families get together. It is one big group of over 46 of us, we usually get a room at the same local fare each year. I love how this tradition has grown to include not only me and my brother celebrating my mom but my sister in-laws and now my daughters and nieces who are now mothers. We all bring Nana her gifts and exchange and open gifts with all the mothers. It is a lovely way to share the day with family.
    Happy Mothers Day to all.


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