Duct Tape Containers

Hey everyone!

This time we are talking about how you use duct tape! I remember when you could only get it in silver and now there are so many patterns you can buy. This is a dream for teachers wanting to spruce things up!

I used  neon striped duct tape and a Crystal Light container and wrapped the duct tape around. Simple and easy!

That's it, two materials!

Strip your container.

duct tape containers
Wrap and sit back and enjoy your simple, but cute creation.

What can you use these for? Store popsicle sticks, pencils, a fake flower vase, supply storage (I carry eraser tops as prizes for kids in there). 

Hope this gave you some ideas!


  1. The Kool-aid singles canister works well also! They are the perfect size for a 8-10 pack of markers! :)

  2. I wrapped mine with scrapbook paper and keep Popsicle sticks with brain breaks to choose from.


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