Supply labels and a cart giveaway!

Hey y'all! It's rachel from the tattooed teacher!
Last week on my Facebook page I asked what people kept in their 10 drawer carts. Well, I got A LOT if reponses! I was working in math supply labels for my own but the ideas were great, so I added as many as I could! 
I love them and their scrappiness!! 

Here's how they look! 

I used a nice bold font because their purpose is for the kiddos to read them! I also added pictures of every.little.thing! With the help of some amazing artists on tpt! So you get over 130 labels!
I also added numbers 1-36 for upper grade teachers or teachers who may use these as student work station or student drawers. These labels are smaller (just the scrappy kid holding a sign with the number on it!)
Aren't they precious!?
So here's the deal for the giveaway!

This giveaway ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! So run!
And click the link below to enter!!!
I'm on my phone posting so there's no pretty hyper linking going on!!  Good Luck Owl friends!


  1. I am so sad! I just missed 2 of these carts on our local yard sale page for $20 a piece!!

    Maybe I'll just have to shell out the cash and get one...they are so adorable and functional!!!

    Mrs. Cain's Creations

    1. They are often on sale at Michael's and Joann's. Once they are on sale use a coupon and then your teacher discount. That's how I acquired two of these awesome carts for about $35 each.


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