"Camping Out With a Good Book" - Reading Area Decor Freebie

Hi Owl friends!  It's Dana from Prepping for the Primary Gridiron.  I wanted to share a way to "jazz" up your reading area.

I bought this lantern about a week ago:
I wanted to add a camping theme to my reading area.  
I did some brainstorming with a couple teammates 
and solidified my plan!

I came up with a title:
One of my teammates mentioned this cute little phrase:
I wanted a way for them to recommend good books to each other.  So I used the marshmallows from the camping clipart set.  They can be taped to the wall or stapled to your bulletin board - depending on your display options.

I created my camping area today when I got to school.  It was a fun surprise for the kiddos!  I told them about my idea, but I've kept all the decor top secret.  :)

Here's a pic of what it looks like:
Here are some up close shots:
I tacked a bag of marshmallows on the wall.  
The kids were beyond excited to start filling them out!
If you think you and your kiddos might enjoy this theme, 
you can snag it {HERE} from my TpT shop.

Happy reading!


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