Making Student Goals with a Freebie

Hi everyone!  It's Angelia from Extra Special Teaching.  I wanted to show you guys how I keep my students invested and involved in their learning by setting weekly academic goals.

For reading, I have 3 weekly assessments that my students take each week.  I always do a cold read fluency on Mondays before students take home their weekly homework fluency and I do a phonics and high frequency assessment on Fridays.  

After I do our cold read on Monday, I fill out this form real quick.

I help my students set reasonable goals based off their past performance and the difficulty of what we're learning this week.  I try to keep the goals reasonable so they can feel some success.  

On Fridays, we fill out the form with their new score and circle whether or not they met their goal.  For each goal they meet, they receive a star for their Super Improver Wall books.

I made a more generic form that you could use with your students.  You can download this freebie by clicking on the picture below.

Happy goal setting!

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