Teaching a 'lil responsibilty & indpedence!

Happy, Wednesday!
If you had a day like me you are READY for Friday!
This is Alisha, The Bubbly Blonde.

I'm stopping into to share a simple yet effective way 
to help teach responsibility & independent in the classroom.

Do you get tired of repeating every 
math lesson what page to turn to?
Or do you hate wasting valuable class time
 to hand out packets?
My solution!
Our math folders contain our homework and classwork.
At the beginning of each lesson, students quickly grab out their math folder and take out the classwork packet and homework.
Each classroom packet is stapled prior.
At the end of our math block, students put 
their homework sheet in their take home folder.

I am awful at remembering homeworking during 
the end of the day rush.
It stresses me out and I sort of want to have a little scream.

This method has helped save my sanity daily!
Do I have every student do this?  
Even special education students?
Yes!  Except, some homework may be differentiated
 and I hand that out personally.
But as of right now, we are all working on the same homework 
and are responsible to get it in out 
and in our take home folder independently.


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