Mailing Out Letters - Using Fun Envelopes

Hi everyone! Jen here from Teacher by the Beach.

I wanted to share with you something the kids always love!

Writing out our envelopes when we write letters to Santa!  We also do it when we write our pen pal letters and our letters to upcoming grade at the end of the year.

You'll notice that all my envelopes are different sizes and colors. students always love to have color in their their paper, centers, calendars, and envelopes are no different!

Instead of using real stamps, I just have them make stamps, and the inside of the stamps are usually thematic.

That's because I don't like to use the envelopes you can buy in a box. I like to hit up my local grocery and card stores for their "leftovers."  You know that there are tons of envelopes without cards whenever you go shopping for greeting cards. Those stores don't just toss those envelopes. They keep them. They are just waiting for people like me and you to ask them for them!  Sometimes I get lucky and the people will just give me a handful. Other times they want to charge for them. But it's usually super cheap - especially when you tell them that you are a teacher wanting to have the kids write practice letter writing skills (a lost art, these days!).

These envelopes in the picture are headed to the North Pole for Santa Claus.  

If you're planning on having your students write letters to Santa, I happen to have a freebie on my blog you can grab.

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