The Class Noodler-Our New Job...

Merry December Y'all! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher!
Do you Go Noodle?
I know you've seen posts all over blogland and IG.
I found out about it from my teammie last year and have been hooked.
I used to you tube Just Dance
YouTube can be tricky...
like you never know what little video image will pop up along the side!
Hey Mrs. Lamb, I see chicks bikinis! Not that anyone ever said that...ever...

So now we use Go Noodle.
I still use the free version
and there's still TONS we haven't done yet!

ANYWHO-I got an email Sunday night with a Brain Break calendar!

I LOVE it!
It has a category to do each day.
and it's a tear off calendar like an advent calendar for energy!
Plus it created a new class job...even if it's temporary! Who wouldn't love to tear off the number each day!?!? And perhaps I could think of other ways to use this job title over my break!

So go check it out while you are perusing the last few hours of the TpT Cyber Sale!
*FYI-this post is is all my own little opinion! I was not asked to post it by Go Noodle-I just love them!

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  1. I love Go Noodle too! My students beg for it. I'm excited for this calendar so we can try different activities. Thanks for sharing.


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