Show us how you use it: Popsicle Sticks!

Hi everyone! It is Melissa from Inspire Me, ASAP and I am here to share a few ideas about how I use Popsicle sticks in my third grade classroom.

First idea- monster grins!

I love to use these during my monster multiplication unit of study! As my students master their math facts, they become official monsters of multiplication!! I take a picture of the students holding the monster grin and send that home to the parents, with a label "I am a monster of multiplication!"

Idea 2: Persuasive Paddles

 I use three different smiley faces (thank you Nicole, Teaching with Style! for the adorable clip art!) that I tape onto Popsicle sticks. My classroom transforms into a courtroom for this lesson, as the judge and jury members represent a mock trial. The students are put to the test as they read their persuasive letter in front of the court. The topic? Why I deserve to go to fourth grade! As the future fourth graders read their persuasive papers in front of the court, the jury members use the faces on the persuasive paddles to hold up their verdict for whether they are convinced or not that the student deserves to go to the next grade. Of course, the final verdict comes from the judge- me! And, of course, all students get a smiley face and an official "pass" to the next grade. This idea comes from my Tell it to the Judge file.

I also love to use these Popsicle stick faces as part of a formative assessment. The students can easily "flash" me their face as I ask questions to review or math lesson.

Idea 3: I "Mustache" You a Question

I love to glue the mustache clip art to a Popsicle stick and use them with a variety of different reading, writing, and math lessons. This picture shows how I use the mustaches for a back to school, getting to know you activity. 

All students in the class has the opportunity to sit in the "hot seat."  Each student in the class asks one question to the student in the hot seat. However, they must use their mustache when asking the question, such as, "I 'mustache' you a question. What do you like to do when you get home from school?"

The students then write what they learned about their new friend and I take all responses to compile into a class book. The students loves to take their book home as a fun little keep sake from their friends.
You can learn more about this file by clicking HERE.

The first 2 readers that leaves a comment about their favorite use for Popsicle sticks will get one of these files (your choice) sent to their email. Don't forget to leave your email address!

Take care, my friends!
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Melissa :)


  1. 1. Write the students' names or numbers on them to pull out when calling on students.
    2. Write brain breaks / early finisher activities for students on sticks.
    3. Put a Lorax mustache on them for Dr. Seuss week. These make super cute pictures!
    4. Spacer for kids who need it for neater handwriting.

    1. - The Tell it to the Judge writing looks fun and engaging! I think I could pull out my college robe and find a gavel to make it even more interesting! =)

  2. I use Popsicle sticks for random name calling as every teacher and as a art supply. When I taught kinder we used them as space buddies in their writing.

    1. I forgot to say I like the mustache project.

  3. I have used popsicle sticks for calling students names. I have also used them to play sparkle and for lunch count. The Tell it to the Judge writing looks amazing. My kids struggle with persuasive writing.

    Jennifer Harrison

  4. Love your ideas! Great way to motivate kiddos to get their multiplication facts and the courtroom idea sounds so fun!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun


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