Show Us How You Use It: Clothespins {with Amanda}

Are you ready for another amazing week of sharing ideas here at Owl-ways Be Inspired?
This week is all about...
the clothespin!

I use clothespins for so many things in my classroom, but today I'm going to share some of the most basic ways because they are my can't-live-without-them, saves-my-tail-every-day management systems.

I have several sets of clothespins that I've written student numbers on.  You know what that means - I'm able to use them year after year after year, thus saving me so much prep time!

When students enter the room each morning, they head straight to our attendance/lunch board.  They find the clothespin with their number and move it to their lunch choice for the day (A, B, C, or Lunchbox).  I know that clips still hanging on the ribbon are students who are absent that day.  Lunch choice and attendance made easy and quick with no wasted instructional time!

I use this same method for lots of other charts around the our Cozy Reading Spots Rotation Chart (you can barely see it hanging on the wall in this picture (above right of furry monster on the floor). :)
By using clothespins, a student can easily rotate our cozy reading spots at the end of each day.  Speaking of students' jobs...this is exactly how I handle jobs in my classroom, as well.  I have them listed on a chart and students (numbered) clothespins clipped beside the job name.  SO easy to change each quarter!

I don't have a picture of my classroom clip chart for responsibility, but I'm sure you've seen those ALL over teacher blogs and Pinterest.  Yep..clothespins are a teacher's best friend!

Here's a new little idea I'm going to use with my clipchart clothespins this year.  I've seen teachers add a "jewel" to the clothespin when a student reaches the top of the clipchart.  Once it's full of jewels, it is "retired" to a hall of fame.  Well, I plan to let students add a little pom-pom each time they reach the top of the clipchart and once it's full of pom-poms, they'll get to add wiggly eyes to it and take it home to share with their families.  How proud will they be??  I mean...I had to incorporate these cute little clothespin caterpillars from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom CUTE!

So, tell do YOU use clothespins in your classroom?  Link up with your ideas below and come back for a new idea tomorrow!


  1. Clothespins are definitely a favorite! I'm loving this link up! So many good ideas to be found :)

  2. Love the idea of using it for jobs. Might have to try that this year.
    A Rill Classroom

  3. I love your attendance/lunch board. Thank you so much for sharing such great ideas!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!


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