Show Us How You Use It: Popsicle Sticks for Brain Breaks

Each week, we'll be posting a series of ideas on different household objects and how you use them. You can link up a blog post too! This week we're talking popsicle sticks! 

How do I use my popsicle sticks in class? I use them as brain breaks for time fillers! I bought the larger size at the Dollar Tree.

Then I wrote a bunch of brain break/time filler games. The possibilities are endless! You could put jumping jacks, sit ups, arm stretches, etc.

Cheap, quick, and fun!

Don't forget to link up your popsicle stick ideas!


  1. The possibilities really ARE endless! What a great idea!

  2. I usually drugstore paint sticks for my projects and they broke after I month. I am now going to try quality paint sticks from and make so many things from paint sticks like doll house and lamp shades.


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